The Fine-Tuning Of The Universe Is Best Explained By God Or Chance?

Scientists are steadily adding new measures to the already lengthy list of aspects of the universe that illustrate how it is incredibly finely tuned to allow the existence of life on Earth.

Take for example the relationship of the energy of the universe to its mass. If that relationship was off by an incomprehensibly tiny one part in 10 to the 10 to the 123rd, I wouldn’t be here composing this post and you wouldn’t be reading it.

The following video from Philosophy Professor William Lane Craig’s group lays out multiple examples of how incredibly, amazingly fine-tuned our universe is.

The logical inference from the precision and multiplicity of these measures is that the universe isn’t here by chance, it must have an intelligent designer, or, that is, God:

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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3 thoughts on “The Fine-Tuning Of The Universe Is Best Explained By God Or Chance?”

  1. The usual notation is “1 x 10” to whatever power, not “10 x 10”, which would add an extra zero.


  2. Two other possibilities:
    1. These “fine-tuned” constants have to be what they are, for reasons we don’t currently know, but potentially could discover some day.
    2. We are here, able to observe a universe where life is possible. We couldn’t be in a universe where life is impossible, because we wouldn’t exist. If there are an infinite or very large number of “universes” (i.e., the products of separate Big Bangs), we shouldn’t be surprised that at least one of them can support intelligent life, and this is the one we must necessarily inhabit.


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