THINK ABOUT THIS: Jesus Can’t Be The Only Way To Heaven Because All World Religions Are The Same

One of the most frequently heard objections to Christianity is that Jesus claimed to be the only way to Heaven, as He did at John 14:1 when He said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father but through me.”

But exclusive claims like that just grate on many Americans’ democratic sensibilities. Thus, the counter-claim that all of the world’s major religions make the same basic claims has great appeal.

But that appeal doesn’t change the fact of what Jesus said about Himself. In the following video, produced by philosopher William Lane Craig’s Reasonable Faith organization, the competing claims of the world’s religions are compared and contrasted, and in the process, the uniqueness of Jesus becomes crystal clear:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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5 thoughts on “THINK ABOUT THIS: Jesus Can’t Be The Only Way To Heaven Because All World Religions Are The Same”

  1. Wonderful video message! The other aspect that comes to mind is that the Truth (in the person of Jesus Christ) has the ability to prove itself (Himself) beyond the innate ability of natural man. That is the power of a supernatural (greater than natural) God.

    One (among many) wonderful evidences of His ability to reveal Himself to those who don’t know Him, in ways beyond even the human abilities of those who know Him, is presented in the documentary film “Sheep Among Wolves”, This tells the contemporary story of the Iranian church, the fastest growing body of believers in any nation in the world. The context, of course, is an environment where there isn’t a “level playing field” in human terms. For anyone in Iran who strays from the only officially sanctioned faith, Shia Islam, the penalties include arrest, torture, rape and execution.

    Christianity can prevail through a rational process, when “truths” of competing religions are compared and contrasted. The good news is, even when that process isn’t allowed, the Holy Spirit has the ability/power to enlighten or transform the understandings of those whose hearts are still darkened and held captive by the nature of fallen creation.


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