Hong Kong’s Sea Of Protesters Part To Allow Ambulance Through; Moses Unavailable For Comment

Hong Kong’s population includes an estimated 7.5 million people, approximately two million of whom participated at the height of the protests that have grabbed world-wide attention.

At one point earlier this week, something quite amazing happened: The sea of protesters parted to allow an ambulance to get to somebody in distress. As the ambulance passed by, the protesters reformed their ranks.

The protests have been remarkable in many ways that even the New York Times is noticing:

“Christians have been a visible part of the protests this month, providing food and shelter at demonstrations and condemning efforts by the police to break them up.

“Many protesters, even those who are not religious, have embraced the teachings and messages of Christianity to denounce a proposed law to allow extraditions to mainland China.”

Writing in The Federalist, Helen Raleigh explains the crucial role being played in the Hong Kong protests by countless individual Christians and numerous Christian groups, both Catholic and Protestant.

Raleigh, an immigrant from China, is an immigration policy fellow at the Centennial Institute at Colorado Christian University. She describes the central role of private Christian schools in both the demonstrations and the long-running resistance since the 1997 handover by Britain to China to the communization of Hong Kong.

Beijing, the world is watching.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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