A Quick Briefer For Hill Staffers On Church Meetings, First Amendment Worries And Coronavirus

Thousands of churches and synagogues across the country have moved their regular services from meeting together in one facility to gathering “together” via Internet teleconferencing. It’s a suitable approach for coping with a temporary problem.

But what if the problem becomes more long-lasting, with official directives banning gatherings of 10 or more people continuing past the end of April and well into … well, who knows how long? That’s when things could get very complicated and when that happens, Congress almost always gets involved.

PJMedia Managing Editor Paula Bolyard has a thoughtful, accessible look at why the situation is a challenge for Bible-based congregations now and a warning of what could be coming down the road.

Bolyard’s title sets the context: “Should Church Violate Shutdown Orders? The Answer Is More Complicated Than You Might Imagine.” That’s why Hill staffers need to know this stuff, regardless of whether they are followers of any particular denomination or faith, or none at all. Continue reading “A Quick Briefer For Hill Staffers On Church Meetings, First Amendment Worries And Coronavirus”

STAFF MOVES: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up On Capitol Hill This Week

Recent Staff Moves, As Reported By Legistorm:

Congressional staffers are scarce on Capitol Hill this week, thanks to most offices moving to telework status, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t still getting promotions.

House Majority Whip Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) adds legal muscle to his staff with the addition of Ashleigh Wilson as Legislative Director/Counsel. Ashlee comes to the Hill from Bowman and Brooke LLP. She earned her law degree in 2011 from the Wake Forest University School of Law. Her BA from Wofford College came in 2008 in Philosophy. So if you want to talk about the ontological argument for the existence of God … Continue reading “STAFF MOVES: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up On Capitol Hill This Week”

Navy Experts Ran A Coronavirus-Like Pandemic War-Game In 2019; The Results Were Eerily Like Real-World 2020

U.S. military strategists and planners continually run war-games to prepare for potential scenarios of future conflict, but did you know they also do these exercises for situations like world-wide disease pandemics?

Photo by Carlos Esteves on Unsplash

“Called Urban Outbreak 2019, the war game involved 50 experts who spent two days coordinating response, containment and messaging efforts around the notional pandemic,” according to military.com.

“Some of the conclusions, such as the way forced mass quarantine can backfire and trigger additional disease spread, and how the mortality rate is better than the overall number of disease cases in assessing the scale of an outbreak — have been proved out through the response to the novel coronavirus,” military.com reports. Go here for more. And believe me, there is much more you will want to know if you work on Capitol Hill.

FDA Approved Chloroquine In Coronavirus Treatment; The Anti-Malarial Drug Is Also Key To Intelligent Design

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved on an expedited basis the use of the Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine anti-malarial drugs in the treatment of coronavirus, it’s doubtful any of the officials involved or the mainstream media journalists reporting the decision realized they were also focusing attention on a key to the case for Intelligent Design (ID) of the universe.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

But one journalist, David Klinghoffer, editor of Evolution News (EN), immediately recognized there was more to the story than a potential advance in the war against coronavirus.

“Yes, chloroquine-resistant malarial parasites figure prominently in biochemist and ID proponent Michael Behe’s argument for sharp limits to what unguided Darwinian processes can do. He details that case in his book The Edge of Evolution,” Klinghoffer reports.

Behe discusses with “ID The Future” host Andrew McDiarmid the mutation ceiling with the anti-malarial drugs and the significance of that ceiling possibly being beyond the edge of evolution. You can listen to the entire podcast here.


HARD FACTS: Maybe Jesus Didn’t Really Die On The Cross, He Just Revived After They Buried Him?

Among the most common objections to Christianity is the rejection of the disciples’ claim that they saw and talked to the resurrected Jesus three days after his crucifixion on the cross and burial in a grave carved out of stone. He didn’t actually die on the cross, the critics claim.

This objection is one of the several ways, for example, that Islam rejects the resurrected Jesus Christ as proof of His claim to be both God and man. Similarly, atheists came up with the claim that Jesus could not have been resurrected from the dead because He didn’t die on the cross. He was buried, then revived in the cool grave, escaped and walked all the way to India or maybe Japan where he married, had kids, and died. (No, I’m not making this up, you can Google it!)

Palm Sunday is right around the corner, so odds are good this objection will be heard in coming days in the mainstream media, in online college classes and in the popular culture. But NBC “Dateline” Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace explains in the following video why people who claim Jesus didn’t die on the cross have no idea what they are talking about:

Here Are 10 More Of The Most Amazing Facts  About Jesus  They Didn’t Tell You In School

And Now, Here’s Some Good News From John Krasinski’s ‘Some Good News’ Show

If you’ve been breathing and sentient at any point in the last decade or so, odds are good you took in at least a couple of episodes of “The Office.” One of the supporting cast stars of that sitcom was actor John Krasinski.

Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic, he recently went looking for some good news. And boy did he find it. Being an actor, he turned it into a show. Just not your typical show. Being a journalist by profession, I couldn’t resist.

“For years now, I’ve been wondering, why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?” Krasinski explains on the first edition of his Some Good News (SGN) on, where else, youtube.com. “Well, desperately seeking my fix somewhere else, I reached out to all of you this week, asking — nay, begging — for some good news.” Interesting discussion with Steve Carrell, too:

Here Are 10 Of The Most Amazing Facts  About Jesus  They Didn’t Tell You In School


HARD FACTS: Here Are 10 Of The Most Amazing Things About Jesus They Didn’t Tell You In School

Billions of people down through history have called upon the name of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, memorized His words and followed His teachings even though they never met Him in person.

“More Than A Carpenter,” by Josh and Sean McDowell.

Do you have any idea how amazing it is that we in the third decade of the 21st century even know His name, much less any of the unbelievable things He said about Himself and about us?

Think about these facts about Jesus:

    • He came from an obscure village, Nazareth, in a remote region, Galilee, of a backwater nation, Israel, that had been conquered and re-conquered repeatedly by the major powers surrounding it throughout ancient history, culminating in His lifetime with the imperial domination by Rome.

Continue reading “HARD FACTS: Here Are 10 Of The Most Amazing Things About Jesus They Didn’t Tell You In School”