Why So Much Emphasis On Congressional Staff?

Simply put, because the 20,000 mostly young men and women who work on “the Hill” for individual senators and representatives, for congressional committees, and for congressional agencies, too often are the least appreciated people in the nation’s capital.

Elected leaders get the headlines and rightfully so, but they can’t do their jobs of representing constituents back home without hard-working, skilled staff members backing them up in a thousand ways every day.

My first four years in Washington, D.C. were spent working on the Hill as a press secretary and then a chief of staff on the House side, followed by a couple of years as a communications director on the Senate side.

So I know what it’s like putting in the long hours, having to make ends meet on a low budget, gathering and prioritizing vital information for “the boss,” and the hundreds of other aspects of being a Hill staffer.

I also served a couple of political appointments in the executive branch and I’ve since covered government and national politics as an editor and reporter for more than three decades.

But I always come back to the Hill where the people for whom I have the utmost respect and admiration work their tails off every day. That’s why HillFaith has two apologetic purposes: To share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with Hill staffers and to shine a light on the many challenges they face every day.

So HillFaith features two sorts of content, including, first, a rich, fact-driven,  and personalized menu of Christian apologetics that many Hill readers have never experienced, and, second, news and analyses on issues like staff salaries, working conditions, who’s moving up, who’s moving out, and so forth.

It is indeed a unique combination!