Thousands Respond To Altar Call During Kanye West’s Baton Rouge ‘Sunday Service’

Baton Rouge Sunday Service (Screen shot from Instagram).

Something genuinely significant appears to be occurring in connection with Kanye West and his ‘Sunday Service’ evangelism events, with “thousands” reportedly responding to the altar call in Baton Rouge Friday evening.

“’Tonight, worship was lifted, the name of Christ was exalted, the Word of God was preached, a multitude prayed together, the Gospel was clearly proclaimed, and an opportunity to respond was given,’ Faithwire’s Lindsay Elizabeth reports Saturday, quoting an Instagram post by a local pastor who described it in detail while attending the event. Continue reading “Thousands Respond To Altar Call During Kanye West’s Baton Rouge ‘Sunday Service’”

Here’s The Truth About Why U.S. Evangelicals Back Separation Of Church And State

There is a myth being circulated in American politics these days that evangelical Christians want to do away with the separation of church and state so they can impose their “Christian Nationalist” version of a theocracy on the country.

Those who push the myth thereby betray a fundamental ignorance of what evangelical Christians actually believe about God, the Bible, government, American history, and the U.S. Constitution, but that doesn’t keep them from repeating the myth at every opportunity.

The reality, as explained by Capitol Ministries, is the basic notion of separation of church and state that began 2,000 years ago when Jesus said at Matthew 22:21 that we are to “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Continue reading “Here’s The Truth About Why U.S. Evangelicals Back Separation Of Church And State”

Huge Spike In Google Searches On ‘Jesus,’ ‘Christian Beliefs’ Due To Kanye West’s Conversion

This post is all Kanye, all the time

Kanye West’s latest album — “Jesus Is King” — appears to be generating big cultural waves being felt on the Internet, according to reporting by Faithwire Editor Tre Goins-Phillips.

Kanye West speaks during Sunday Service at Howard University (Screen shot from YouTube).

“The 11-track album is chockfull of Bible references, and according to Bible Gateway, online searches for Scripture passages and faith-based phrases in the songs have spiked since the record was released in late October,” Goins-Phillips said.

There was also a leap in searches for “What do Christians believe?” and “Jesus,” he said.

There was so much Internet activity that the American Bible Society decided to offer a free copy of the most-read book in history to anybody asking here. But wait, there is more on the jump! Continue reading “Huge Spike In Google Searches On ‘Jesus,’ ‘Christian Beliefs’ Due To Kanye West’s Conversion”

The Washington Nationals Are World Series Champs!

“This October has been an out-of-body experience for Washington baseball fans, who seem to levitate over their world, barely believing what they are seeing, game after game, series after series.

“But they should, the entire sports world should, because this has been going on since May 24. Since then, including playoffs, the Nats have gone 86-43 — two wins for every loss — and have the best record in baseball.

“What they have done this October is dazzling. But it is also in character. The 106-win Dodgers and 107-win Astros may find it hard to believe, even now. But the Nats, at this moment, are their peers.

“And, now, their betters, baseball kings with brand new crowns.” — Thomas Boswell, Washington Post, the best baseball writer of this generation.

“Now that it’s done, though, remember not just that they won but how they won. The 2019 Washington Nationals taught us all lessons — about patience and belief, about faith and fortitude, about finding life where none seemed to exist. They are champions because of all of that, even if — right now or next month or next year — it’s unfathomable they did it at all.” — Barry Svriuga, Washington Post sports columnist.

If You Think Aliens May Exist, God Can Get To You, Too

Read that headline again because it probably doesn’t suggest what you thought it did the first time through. That is, it’s NOT suggesting that if you think there are little green men somewhere “out there,” you must also believe God exists.

Free-Thinking Ministries’ Timothy Fox (Screen shot from the blog).

Now, check out this logic from Timothy Fox, one of the proprietors of the Free Thinking Ministries blog, in an illuminating post on Dr. Sean McDowell’s blog entitled “Aliens and the Existence of God”:

“So how could we demonstrate that God does not exist? Aliens are physical beings and so we must seek physical, scientific evidence of their existence. Continue reading “If You Think Aliens May Exist, God Can Get To You, Too”

What About Editing The Human Genome? How Long Till Congress Must Act?

Gene-editing or altering DNA to achieve a desired change in the characteristics of a person yet to be born, is a technology that holds both great promise for bettering the human condition and of creating, unintentionally or otherwise, bio-monsters capable of unimaginable horror.

Gene-Editing – What Could Go Wrong? (Screen shot from RTB blog).

Molecular biologist Anjeanette Roberts points out on the Reasons to Believe blog that gene-editing has made big strides in the past six years, highlighted most notably in the recent case of a Chinese biologist who claimed to have altered successfully the genomes of three babies born of IVF processes to make them resistant to HIV. It appears his claims, however, were in error.

Even so, such developments pose huge ethical, political, technological and regulatory questions that sooner or later will have to be addressed by Congress, the courts and federal policymakers in the executive branch.

Roberts’ essential point is the crucial importance of caution. Here’s why: Continue reading “What About Editing The Human Genome? How Long Till Congress Must Act?”

THINK ABOUT THIS: What The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’ Points To On Biblical Prophetic Accuracy

If you remember or have seen the 1993 movie “Groundhog Day” with Bill Murray and Andie McDowell as the two lead characters, you know he’s local TV reporter, she is his producer and he becomes trapped in a day-long time loop.

And of course, he falls in love with her, but she’s skeptical when he tries to explain the time-loop. Only when he repeatedly tells her details easily forgettable details about what is about to happen does she realize he’s telling her the truth. Continue reading “THINK ABOUT THIS: What The Movie ‘Groundhog Day’ Points To On Biblical Prophetic Accuracy”