STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week

Courtesy of Legistorm:

Susan Fortnam takes on her first job on Capitol Hill as California Democrat Rep. Mike Levin’s new Scheduler. Her previous work included nearly five years of event planning and management with Nardello & Co., and Education Reimagined. She’s a 2013 graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a BA in international and global studies.

Derek Judd (Screenshot from Facebook).

Also moving up this week is Derek Judd, from Military Legislative Assistant for Rep. Paul Mitchell (R-MI) to Legislative Director for Rep. Chris Jacobs (R-NY). Derek earned his BA in political science from Colgate University in 2014.

It’s a promotion from Staff Assistant to Legislative Correspondent for Caroline Briscoe, working for Rep. Van Taylor (R-Texas).  Caroline earned her BA in Government from the University of Texas this year.

Brandon DiVulvio is the new Legislative Aide to Rep. Robin Kelly (D-IL). Brandon previously held various positions on Kelly’s staff, beginning as a Fellow in June 2018. He is a 2016 American University graduate with a BS in political science. Continue reading “STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week”

‘We Are Not Closing Down This Church’ — California Pastor Warns Officials

Pastor Jack Trieber of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California, is appealing to all Americans for aid in his congregation’s struggle to exercise their First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion.

In an impassioned Facebook video, Trieber declared “we are not closing down this church” as a result of more than $52,000 in fines levied against the congregation by Santa Clara County officials, based on Covid guidelines issued by California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

Trieber joins Grace Community Church of Los Angeles and Pastor John MacArthur in defying Newsom’s guidelines that bar indoor meetings in churches.

Grace, represented by the Thomas More Society, has won four court decisions but county officials’ most recent retaliation was cancellation without prior warning of a parking lot lease that had been in force without problems for 45 years.

With resistance to seemingly unreasonable Covid-related restrictions growing, especially among Christian congregations, the issue is certain to assume greater prominence on Capitol Hill when Congress returns after Labor Day:

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MYTH BUSTERS: No, Jesus Was Not A Copycat Savior

It’s one of those objections that comes and goes in public discussions about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as opponents of the Gospels claim His disciples simply made Him up by borrowing from similar pagan gods with which they were familiar.

Uh, no, there’s scant evidence that any of those pagan deities were anywhere near sufficiently alike the Jesus of the Gospels to be suitable for such a fictional enterprise of creation. Cold-case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace explains:


Churches Are Defending The First Amendment. Does Anybody In Congress Care?

HillFaith has from the first post in July 2018 been kept scrupulously non-partisan and will continue to be so as long as I have anything to say about it.

“There is no pandemic.” Pastor John MacArthur, Grace Community Church. Screenshot from youtube.

To paraphrase the New Testament, there is no Jew or Greek, no Slave or Free, no Rich or Poor, and no Democrat or Republican in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He frees all alike who recognize Him as their resurrected Savior.

But abuses by government are happening at all levels in this country that are officially justified by the Covid Pandemic, but which clearly have little or nothing to do with stopping the spread of a disease whose dangers it is becoming increasingly clear have been severely exaggerated. Continue reading “Churches Are Defending The First Amendment. Does Anybody In Congress Care?”

WORKING ON CAPITOL HILL: These Are The Top 10 Best, Worst Paying Offices For Staff

Senators traditionally pay their staffs somewhat more on average than House members, but the latest comprehensive salary data from Legistorm makes clear that is not necessarily always the case.

Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) pays the highest average staff salary in Congress.

Scan through the top 10 highest average staff salary offices and you find seven senators, two House members and one non-voting House member.

At the other end of the database, all 10 of the lowest-paying members are in the House. Continue reading “WORKING ON CAPITOL HILL: These Are The Top 10 Best, Worst Paying Offices For Staff”

Once I Was Among The ‘Pro-Choice’ (Unthinkingly). But Then I Became Firmly Pro-Life. This Is Why

It comes back to me at the most unexpected moments, as it did a couple of days ago, but always as an uncomfortable recollection from a brief, regretted moment in a college classroom long past.

“It” is the memory of something I said as a sophomore or junior at Oklahoma State University in 1970 or 1971 (yes, I am that old!). Odd how certain scenes in your life stay with you, isn’t it? I have since come to believe that such memories are not coincidental.

Anyway, it was during an Economics 101 course and somehow the class discussion had turned to the issue of abortion. A couple of my fellow students were making the case that life begins at conception and is sacred, therefore abortion is wrong.

It’s what I said in response to them that haunts me to this day: “But it’s just a glob of cells.” So, it was understood, it’s ok to “kill” it because it’s not yet a baby, a living human being. That phrase, “a glob of cells,” has stuck with me, not unlike those “damned spots” that plagued Lady MacBeth. Continue reading “Once I Was Among The ‘Pro-Choice’ (Unthinkingly). But Then I Became Firmly Pro-Life. This Is Why”

STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week

Courtesy of Legistorm:

Ryan Bentz is making the move from Intern to Staff Assistant to Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE). Ryan expects to complete his BS in political science and government in 2021 from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.

Ryan Bentz at Mount Vernon (Screen shot from Facebook).

Also making the jump from Intern is Nathan Chael, who was promoted to Legislative Correspondent on the staff of Sen. Martin Heinrich (D-NM).

And yet another congressional Intern making the move to the regular staff is Max Lurie, as a Staff Assistant to Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH). Max received his BA in government and Middle Eastern studies from Dartmouth in 2019. Max’s internship were with Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) and for Rep. Elliot Engel (D-NY) on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

Diane Adamson is the new Special Projects and Policy Coordinator for Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ), following a year as a Legislative Correspondent. Adamson previously worked for Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) and Rep. Fredericka Wilson (D-FL). Diane earned her BA in anthropology from Tufts University in 2015. Continue reading “STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week”

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: When Someone Claims The Crusades Prove Christianity Is Just As Violent As Islam

Listen to a conversation on the Hill among congressional staffers about the Crusades and it’s a near certainty that somebody will claim these Middle Ages wars between Christians and Muslims prove Christianity is just as violent as Islam.

There is some truth behind that statement, but it’s not what you might be expecting. What it shows is that Original Sin is a problem every human being who has ever lived (except one, Jesus Christ!) must come to grips with one way or the other.

The Colson Center’s Brook McIntyre lays out the historical facts on three points that make clear the inaccuracy of the argument about what the Crusades “prove” about Christianity:


Why Are All My Friends Becoming Marxists (Most Don’t Realize That’s What They’re Doing)?

Jon Harris is the author/thinker/critic behind “Conversations That Matter” on Patreon and elsewhere on the Internet. He is a born-again Christian of the Reformed persuasion and a traditional American conservative.

Three steps to Critical Theory’s “salvation.”

But don’t let that description put you off because Harris is also a very perceptive, observant and articulate critic of all sides of contemporary culture and politics in America. His discussion of the origins and significance of Critical (especially Race) Theory and Intersectionality is trenchant and thought-provoking.

I say this because he prefaces his discussion with an observation that is not original in terms of the substance, but he puts it in a context that ought to drive home to all thinking persons, regardless of their religious or political positions, the profound seriousness of what is happening all around us these days: Continue reading “Why Are All My Friends Becoming Marxists (Most Don’t Realize That’s What They’re Doing)?”

Dr. Francis Collins Explains What Led Him From Atheism To Jesus (Yes, THAT Francis Collins!)

Dr. Francis Collins is probably best known as the former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute from 1993 to 2008. But there is another distinction in his biography that is equally unusual.

That distinction is the fact Collins was appointed to head the National Institutes for Health (NIH) by President Barack Obama in 2009 and then re-appointed by President Donald Trump in 2017. How many people in the public eye these days can say they drew such solid support from politicians as opposite one another as Obama and Trump?!!

What is less known about Collins is that he is a man of deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was not always so because for much of his early adulthood, Collins was a convinced atheist.

But that all began to change, as he explains in the following video from Biologos, when a woman dying of heart disease asked “what do you believe, doctor?”

But Wait! There’s More!!

There’s More Historical Evidence for Jesus Than For This Caesar

THINK ABOUT THIS: Friday’s Poached Egg

Think You Know What The Gospel Requires You To Do To Be Saved?

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What If ‘That Hideous Strength’ — The Magician’s Twin — Has Already Arrived Among Us?

Daniel Bell, the great American sociologist of the 20th century, once declared that “the essence of modernity is that nothing is sacred.” Dostoevsky put it a little more precisely: “If God is dead, then everything is permitted.”

Just how right the sociologist and novelist were was foreshadowed by a brilliant and prophetic novel written in 1945 ago by C.S. Lewis that, unfortunately, never achieved the same level of popularity as the author’s monumental apologetical work, “Mere Christianity.”

Lewis’ obscure masterpiece is “That Hideous Strength,” a fictional vision of what happens when science is abused: Think racism, eugenics, and the devaluation of human life. Yes, it is a close relative to his “The Abolition of Man.”

This Discovery Science video reminds us that Lewis was not merely a supremely imaginative writer and deeply perceptive thinker, he was also gifted with a prophetic vision of where Western civilization appeared to be headed (which, by the way, my Capitol Hill friends, is where we are rapidly arriving today, it seems):


MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Polyamory, The Next Step Down The Slippery Slope

Hundreds of congressional staffers are in positions of influence regarding family and social policy in the U.S., so developments like the growing acceptance of polyamory in elite media like the New York Times should be of interest.

Glenn Stanton (Photo courtesy of Focus on the Family).

Not sure what polyamory is? What it’s not is polygamy  — one husband, many wives — nor is it polyandry — one wife, many husbands.

What polyamory is is pretty much what any group of two or more sexually involved individuals say it is. Continue reading “MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Polyamory, The Next Step Down The Slippery Slope”

Why I Signed The 2018 Statement On Social Justice And The Gospel

The Bible at Galatians 3:28 declares that, “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.”

There is no more clear a statement of the fundamental equality of all men and women in all of human literature, whether ancient or modern. As a follower of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior, I affirm Galatians 3:28 with all of my heart and seek to live that reality every day.

Sadly, despite our Declaration of Independence’s affirmation in its Preamble that “all men are created equal,” America has too often failed to a greater or lesser degree to live up to its founding ideals. Continue reading “Why I Signed The 2018 Statement On Social Justice And The Gospel”

STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week

Courtesy of Legistorm:

Joy Lee is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s new Press Secretary, moving up from the Deputy Press Secretary position. Joy began her congressional career working as a Press Assistant for the California Democrat in 2015. Joy earned a BA in digital and broadcast journalism in 2014 from the University of Georgia.

Joy Lee, Press Secretary to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (screenshot from Facebook).

Heading over to the Biden for President campaign is Larry Sandigo after serving for more than a year as an adviser to Rep. Greg Stanton (D-AZ). Sandigo becomes Latino Vote Director for the Biden campaign. Larry received his law degree from Boston College Law School in 2011 and his BA from Baylor University in 2008. Continue reading “STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week”