Does Objective Truth Really Exist?

If the question posed in the headline above strikes you as irrelevant for somebody working for a senator, representative, congressional committee or a congressional agency, think again.

George Barna, the noted survey researcher who specializes in compiling data about what people believe, discovered something interesting about voters who supported President Joe Biden over now-former President Donald Trump: Most of them don’t believe truth exists.

“Only three out of ten (30 percent ) believe that the Bible is the actual or inspired word of God and contains no errors — which explains why three-fourths of Biden supporters do not identify the Bible as their most trusted source of moral guidance,” Barna’s Cultural Research Center said in a statement about the survey made public Tuesday.

“The dominant sources of moral guidance among the group were identified as their feelings, experiences, friends and family. Consistent with that widespread rejection of the Bible, three-quarters of the Biden followers (75 percent) also believe that there is no absolute moral truth,” the statement said.

Ok, so what, you might be asking. Jimmy Wallace, son of Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace, explains why it’s absolutely crucial whether you believe there is absolute truth or think it’s all relative:


Senate Democrats’ Gavel Moves Will Mean Staff Shifts, Too

Senate Democrats are shaking up the lineup of subcommittee chairmen from one end of the body to the other, thanks primarily a new “power-sharing” rule intended to put the gavel in the hands of as many members of the new majority as possible.

The rule requires chairmen of the Senate’s top committees — Appropriations, Defense, Foreign Affairs, etc. — to ensure that every Democrat on a panel gets a shot at wielding the gavel running a subcommittee.

Top Democrats like Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and others wanted to delay the rule, but Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) pushed it forward, with a result that the only three Democrats without a subcommittee gavel now are Leahy, Dick Durbin of Illinois and Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Continue reading “Senate Democrats’ Gavel Moves Will Mean Staff Shifts, Too”

SUNDAY SONGS: ‘Be Unto Your Name’ by Robin Mark

We are a moment, You are forever
Lord of the Ages, God before time
We are a vapor, You are eternal
Love everlasting, reigning on high
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises, honor and glory
Be unto Your name, be unto Your name
We are the broken, You are the healer
Jesus, Redeemer, Mighty to save
You are the love song we’ll sing forever
Bowing before You, blessing Your name
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises, honor and glory
Be unto Your name, be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises, honor and glory
Be unto Your name, be unto Your name
Holy, holy, Lord God Almighty
Worthy is the Lamb Who was slain
Highest praises, honor and glory
Be unto Your name, be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Be unto Your name
Be unto Your name

SATURDAY SPECIAL: A Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel?

Bill Walton has one of the most interesting digital interview shows you will find anywhere on the Internet, thanks to the wide variety of challenging and relevant topics that interest him and the routinely superb quality of guests he features (well maybe not quite always, as he did have yours truly on last year!).

Phil Kerpen, President, American Commitment (Screenshot from “The Bill Walton Show”).

Most recently, Bill welcomed Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, on his show to talk about where America stands with the Covid Pandemic, where we’ve been and what’s most likely ahead for us, particularly from an economic perspective.

“The winter wave is subsiding pretty rapidly. Right now, as we speak, it’s down about 45 percent from the early January peak nationally,” Kerpen said at the outset of the February 11 interview.

“Hospitalizations have come down about 25 percent, so we’re now in a pretty steep decline. Now in previous waves we also had declines, so this doesn’t mean this is the end and we won’t have another one. Continue reading “SATURDAY SPECIAL: A Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel?”

STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week

Courtesy of Legistorm:

Tiffany Boguslawski (Screenshot from Facebook).

Tiffany Boguslawski heads to the Hill from doing Presidential Advance in the White House to be the new Scheduler for Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY). Before doing advance work, Tiffany was an Executive Assistant in the Office of Presidential Personnel. Her BA in Political Science, History and International Studies was awarded n 2019 by Chicago Loyola University.

Neri Martinez (Screenshot from Facebook)

Moving up as Staff Director for Republicans on the Senate Aging Committee is Neri Martinez. Neri previously was Chief of Staff for the Department of Energy’s Office of Economic Impact and Diversity. Martinez received her BBA from Florida International University (FIU) in International Business Honors and Political Science and a Global Masters of Arts at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University. She also holds a certificate from Cornell University on Diversity and Inclusion and an Executive Certificate from FIU on Cybersecurity Leadership. Continue reading “STAFF NEWS: Look Who’s Movin’ On Up The Hill This Week”

DID YOU KNOW: AI Can Fight Covid By Detecting The Changes In The ‘Language’ Of The Virus?

Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is only beginning to be understood in terms of what it is capable of doing, but who would have guessed it would be able of fighting a deadly virus by understanding how it “talks” its way into healthy cells? Discovery Institute’s Mind Matters explains:

“One strategy in the fight against COVID-19 relies on the curious fact that genetics is actually a language. Genome sequencer Francis Collins has even called it The Language of God.

“More practically, AI programs that act as natural language processors can help catch deadly coronavirus mutations. The same strategies the AIs use for reading sentences can be used to read the virus’s attempts to escape destruction by mutations: Continue reading “DID YOU KNOW: AI Can Fight Covid By Detecting The Changes In The ‘Language’ Of The Virus?”

No, Reason And Faith Are Not Polar Opposites

Scientific reason is based on evidence found in repeatable circumstances that support hypotheses that make sense of the material world. Faith is merely belief, without evidence.

That alleged dichotemy between reason and faith is a commonplace in contemporary culture, including especially on campus, in the media and corporate elites.

But that dichotemy is false and profoundly mis-leading, according to Kyle Butt of the Apologetics Press. The following video is a bit more than eight minutes in length, but you can be certain it will challenge your understanding if that dichotemy represents your understanding of the world in which we live:


On The Passing Of Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX)

This statement was issued Monday by Michael Howard, Communications Director for Rep. Ron Wright:

Ron and Susan Wright shared a deep and abiding relationship with their Lord and Savior. For that reason, Ron remained stoic in the face of his health challenges, and incredibly upbeat about the future of the state and the nation he loved so much.

RIP – Rep. Ron Wright (R-TX)

Congressman Ron Wright passed away peacefully at the age of 67 on Feb. 7, 2021. His wife Susan was by his side and he is now in the presence of their Lord and Savior.

Over the past few years, Congressman Wright had kept a rigorous work schedule on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and at home in Texas’ Congressional District 6 while being treated for cancer. For the previous two weeks, Ron and Susan had been admitted to Baylor Hospital in Dallas after contracting COVID-19.

Congressman Wright will be remembered as a constitutional conservative. He was a statesman, not an ideologue. Ron and Susan dedicated their lives to fighting for individual freedom, Texas values, and above all, the lives of the unborn.

As friends, family, and many of his constituents will know, Ron maintained his quick wit and optimism until the very end. Despite years of painful, sometimes debilitating treatment for cancer, Ron never lacked the desire to get up and go to work, to motivate those around him, or to offer fatherly advice.

We ask that everyone give Susan and the entire Wright family and staff time to grieve. Additional information will be available on funeral arrangements and ways to honor Congressman Wright in the days to come.

Congressman Wright is survived by his wife, Susan; his son Derek; his son Justin and wife Susan; his daughter Rachel and husband Jeff; his brother Gary and wife Janis; nine grandchildren; cousins and extended family.

Philippians 4: 8-9

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you.

Four Men Of Faith To Watch In The Super Bowl Tonight

Four of the men who will take the field for tonight’s Super Bowl have made clear that, while they want very much to win the football game, there is something vastly more important and rewarding in their lives.

It’s their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for their sins and with whom they will spend eternity praising and thanking Him after they leave this life on Earth.

The four men are, first,Kansas City Chief’s Quarterback Patrick Mahomes talked about his faith in this discussion with Sports Spectrum’s Jason Romano:

Continue reading “Four Men Of Faith To Watch In The Super Bowl Tonight”

SUNDAY SONGS: ‘I Am Loved’ By Matt Brock

Just as I am

You welcome me
With open arms
How can this be
My guilt is undone
My past is untethered
I leave it behind
And run to my Father
There is no disappointment in Your eyes
There is no shame there is only pride
I am loved
Father, I’m loved by You
So unreserved
Your heart for me
My fear is gone
I am set free
There’s nothing to hide
There’s nothing to measure
‘Cause I am Your child
And that’s all that matters
There is no disappointment in Your eyes
There is no shame there is only pride
I am loved
Father, I’m loved by You
There is no distance in Your embrace
Over and over again You say
I am loved
Father, I’m loved by You
I am loved
Father, I’m loved by You
You are changing everything
You are changing everything
I believe it
I receive it

Yes, Ancient Historian Josephus Did Write About Jesus

This Josephus. This is not Erik Manning.

One of the critics’ recurring claims is that Jesus may not have actually existed because hardly anybody outside of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote about Him. In other words, according to such critics, Jesus is a mythical character invented by early Christian writers.

But then, when somebody points out that the widely accredited ancient Jewish historian Josephus mentions Jesus in two different passages, passages that seem to confirm major details reported by the four Gospel authors, these critics argue that later Christian writers must have rewritten Josephus.

This can seem like a boring argument among pedantic scholars and linguists, but in fact, it’s an important point in gaining an accurate understanding of ancient history, including especially what was written and known about Jesus. Continue reading “Yes, Ancient Historian Josephus Did Write About Jesus”

THINK ABOUT THIS: Here’s Why The Universe Had To Have A Real Beginning (And A Beginner!)

Philosophers, theologians, mathematicians, scientists and all sorts of folks in other professions have argued for thousands of years about whether the universe has always been here or had a beginning.

The arguments and counter-arguments, the evidence and the re-examinations over the centuries have become ever more complicated, and yet the discussions go on and on and on and …

But maybe this isn’t as complicated as it seems. Check out the following video from philosopher William Lane Craig’s Reasons to Believe, talking about the issue from the perspective of philosophy and the Kalam Cosmological Argument:



THINK ABOUT THIS: The Pure Evil Of Boys And Girls Being Sold For Sex During COVID-19 And The Super Bowl

By John and Nisha Whitehead

EDITOR’S NOTE: If there is one issue that ought to unite Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, on Capitol Hill, it is eradicating the evil of child sex trafficking. This post is offered in the hope that such unity will soon be a reality and child sex trafficking will thus be put forever in the past.

Even in the midst of a COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no stopping this year’s Super Bowl LV showdown between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

While the winner of the Vince Lombardi Trophy is up for grabs, we already know the biggest losers: the hundreds of young girls and boys—some as young as nine years old—who will be bought and sold for sex, as many as 20 times per day, during the course of the big game.

“The Super Bowl is kind of deemed as the weekend to have sex with minors,” said Cammy Bowker, founder of Global Education Philanthropist. Continue reading “THINK ABOUT THIS: The Pure Evil Of Boys And Girls Being Sold For Sex During COVID-19 And The Super Bowl”

WORKING ON THE HILL: 117th Freshmen Hiring Shows Historic Levels of Staff Diversity

Legistorm’s Keturah Hetrick reports that hiring by newly-elected members of the 117th Congress is producing more diversity at the staff level than ever before seen on Capitol Hill:

“The 117th Congress is the most racially diverse in House history – and the freshman class’s hiring represents that.

“Freshman representatives of both parties have hired a higher proportion of non-white staffers than have their longer-serving peers, according to LegiStorm data.

“Staffers to Democratic freshman members are 47 percent non-white, compared to 35 percent of all Democratic House staffers. Among GOP freshman members, 11 percent of staffers are non-white, versus eight percent among all Republican representatives.”

Editor’s Note: Legistorm is a subscription-only service that provides the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on congressional members, staff, structure and communications available anywhere.

I’ve used it as a journalist almost since the service’s inception and highly recommend it. If you love Congress, as I do, you will find Legistorm is invaluable.


10 Ways Jesus Has Changed The World For Better For Women

Author Kurt Mahlburg, Cross and Culture.

Kurt Mahlburg is the Research and Features Editor for Australia’s Canberra Declaration, as well as author of “Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?”

Kurt’s analysis of 10 ways Jesus has changed the world for the better for women provides a serious and thought-provoking look at some realities that are often ignored or mis-represented in the wider culture:

“Has equality for women been achieved? You’ll hear quite different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. But here’s something we can all agree on: in the West, by almost any measure, today is the best time for women to be alive. Continue reading “10 Ways Jesus Has Changed The World For Better For Women”