Is The Human Brain Just A Fallible Machine?

Dr. Rosalind Picard is founder and director of MIT’s Affective Computing Research Group. She is also a professing Christian who was raised in a secular home.

Dr. Shahram Koshbin is a Harvard neurology professor from Iran whose mother was Jewish and whose father was of the Bahai faith. He wonders  whether religiosity is the same thing as faith.

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This Millennial Woman Uses AI To Help Police ID, Track And Prevent Human Trafficking

What does a 16-year-old American traveling across Eastern Europe do when she sees young kids begging on the street and learns they are there because of Russian human traffickers?

For Emily Kennedy, co-founder of Pittsburgh-based Marinus Analytics, that experience was her introduction to the horrendous world of human trafficking, which exists everywhere on Earth and encompasses men and women, but especially young girls, who are forced into everything from prostitution to petty street crimes.

And why should anybody working on Capitol Hill know about this millennial?

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Why Did God Make Me A Lesbian?

There is an unfortunately tense debate in America on homosexuality and, thanks to the rise of politically correct intolerance in the public square,  it is increasingly difficult to move the discussion in constructive directions.

Congress is one of the major focuses in the debate and congressional staff on every side of the issues are called upon every day by their bosses to make tough and significant decisions and recommendations about legislation, regulation and positioning. Careers can rise and fall on those decisions and recommendations.

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The ‘Goldilocks Principle’ Shows Earth Was Designed For Humans

Do you recall the story of Goldilocks from your youth? She struggled as she sought the right porridge, chair, and bed, but in the end, her discoveries were “just right.”

The Goldilocks Principle in secular cosmology is a recognition by scientists that the Earth appears to be “just right” for life to exist on it. Leading science magazines routinely run articles updating their audiences on the hunt for other Goldilocks planets with just the right conditions for life to exist upon them as it does on Earth. The Earth appears to be designed for us.

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Five Ways Your Brain Is Different From Your Mind And Why That Matters

Cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace gets excited when he talks about the essential connection between human consciousness and the necessary existence of God.

This is a huge problem for atheists because, as Wallace points out, brains and minds aren’t the same thing.

“Is that all we are, material bodies, material beings.” Wallace asks. “The problem is, if atheism is true, we all have brains, but do we really have minds?

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PUEBLA 2019: Our Mission Is Now Completed And We Are Heading Home Tomorrow

Hananeel’s new courtyard received its last paver early this morning as the Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) mission completed its work and then took off for the downtown Plaza.

We have to leave very early in the morning to catch our return flight to Houston, then back to Dulles where a church bus will be waiting to haul our very tired selves back to FBC and home.

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PUEBLA 2019: Three Amigos At The Well And Pavers Corner Reached

Thursdays in Puebla for the Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) mission team are always the last full day we have to complete our week’s work, so it typically becomes the busiest of our time here.

Today was no exception on either our construction work projects or our visitation and evangelism efforts. It was easily the most exciting and productive day of our week. Here’s why:

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