People Are Excited About HillFaith!

Brit Hume, Fox News:

Fox News’ Brit Hume

“I can think of no worthier effort than bringing the light of the Gospel to people working in Congress in these bitterly divided times. Hurray for HillFaith for doing it and may God bless this ministry. ”

Sen. Jim DeMint:

“I know just how indispensable congressional aides are. They have tremendous influence on America’s laws and they need to hear what HillFaith has, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.” – former Sen. Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

David Limbaugh:

David Limbaugh, political commentator and author of “The True Jesus.” (Screenshot from

“I am gratified and excited that my friend, Mark Tapscott, is working with HillFaith to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to congressional staffers on Capitol Hill.

“What could be more important than this crucial missionary work to thousands of influential young people working at the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, the heart of our nation’s government?”

Bill Walton, Allied Capital/Master Investor, TV Interviewer Extraordinaire:

Bill Walton, Host, “The Bill Walton Show” and Allied Capital Rescuer

“As an old private equity investor which is kind of my core competence, I always looked for businesses that had a very sharply defined focus on a target market and did something better than anybody else, even if it was small.

“It seems to me like that’s what you’ve carved out with Hill Faith, you’ve got a target market, 20,000 young people. You’ve got the message you think, and I believe, will resonate. “

J. Warner Wallace, NBC “Dateline” Cold-Case Detective:

(Click Here For Video Message From Wallace)

Author of “Cold-Case Christianity,” “God’s Crime Scene,” and “Forensic Faith.