HillFaith Webinar Is Back!

“God’s Crime Scene: Examining The Evidence
He Made The Universe”

WHO: NBC “Dateline” cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace
(Click Here For Video Message From Wallace)

WHAT: Eight 1-hour weekly Zoom video sessions, led by HillFaith’s Mark Tapscott
WHY: The proof of God’s existence isn’t “out there,” it’s right here in “God’s Crime Scene”

Tuesday nights at 7 pm est
eight fascinating sessions, ends may 4

Enrollment Limited to 12 Individuals. Send your name and snail mail address to: mt.hillfaith.gmail.com

UPDATE:  As of 5:15 pm EST, all 12 slots are now taken, but the course will be repeated, most likely beginning in late May, so if you are interested, send in your info and you will be added to the waiting list.