WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? When Somebody Claims That Voting Just Isn’t Important

If history is any guide, nearly half of all voting-age Americans will fail to vote on election day, November 3, when the country picks its 46th president, a new Congress and scores of other officials for state and local governments.

Colson Center’s Joseph Backholm in ‘What Would You Say?’ (Screenshot from youtube)

But for those working on Capitol Hill, voting might as well be like drinking water, there is no life without it because we do live in a democratic republic in which the people, the voters, are sovereign.

Sadly, there are quite a few folks who think voting is a waste of time because it won’t make any difference, elections are all rigged, politicians never do what they promise, and so on and so on and so on.

In the following Colson Center video, Joseph Backholm provides three excellent responses for the next time somebody lays one of those pathetic excuses for not voting on you in a conversation:


What Would You Say? Is Critical Race Theory Biblical?

If you work on Capitol Hill, you better understand Critical Race Theory (CRT) because it suffuses, both esoterically and exoterically, so much of the analyses of social, political and economic issues heard in media, on campus, in the think tank world and in politics.

If you are Christian who works on Capitol Hill, it’s even more important that you understand the roots of CRT, its essential assumptions and claims, and the consequences of accepting it as a legitimate analytical tool for policy-makers.

The following Colson Center video addresses the basic question of whether CRT is consistent with Biblical Christianity:


WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: When Someone Claims The Crusades Prove Christianity Is Just As Violent As Islam

Listen to a conversation on the Hill among congressional staffers about the Crusades and it’s a near certainty that somebody will claim these Middle Ages wars between Christians and Muslims prove Christianity is just as violent as Islam.

There is some truth behind that statement, but it’s not what you might be expecting. What it shows is that Original Sin is a problem every human being who has ever lived (except one, Jesus Christ!) must come to grips with one way or the other.

The Colson Center’s Brook McIntyre lays out the historical facts on three points that make clear the inaccuracy of the argument about what the Crusades “prove” about Christianity:


WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? To The Person Claiming That Socialism Is The Answer To Our Problems

Utopian thinking has been around since the dawn of time, but the socialist version of that outlook is a relatively recent invention. Government ownership of the means of production and abolishing private property is the socialism of the modern era, thanks mainly to Karl Marx and the British Fabians.

Here in America, this socialism has developed an inordinately large following among Millennials and Gen Xers because America’s public schools for decades have refused to allow students to learn the advantages, flaws and historical performance records of both free enterprise and socialism. Nobody should be surprised then that so many think socialism is the answer to all of America’s problems.

But the facts, according to Brook McIntyre on the latest Colson Center “What Would You Say” video, make it abundantly clear that there really is no comparison between the two systems:


Friday’s Poached Egg – Has nothing at all to do with dieting.

One Incredibly Good (But Often Overlooked) Reason God Matters

Does Porn Really Improve Relationships?

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Porn Improves Relationships

Odds are good that at some point in the recent past you have heard somebody on a talk show, during a cable tv discussion, or maybe during lunch conversation claim that pornography can improve a relationship.

The latest in the Colson Center’s excellent new video series, “What Would You Say?,” addresses this issue and offers three solid reasons why pornography is anything but a positive thing for relationships.

For Further Reading:

Personal pornography viewing and sexual satisfaction: A quadratic Analysis, Wright, Bridges, Sun, Ezzell, and Johnson (2018)  

A Love That Doesn’t Last: Pornography Consumption and a Weakened Commitment to a Romantic Partner. 

Does Viewing Pornography Reduce Marital Quality Over Time? Evidence from Longitudinal Data.


WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: Is Porn Just Harmless Entertainment?

Colson Center’s latest “What Would You Say” video explodes the common idea that pornography is harmless because it’s either a victimless crime or merely another form of entertainment.

Screenshot from “Porn Is Just Harmless Entertainment”

In fact, there is such a thing as porn addiction, no less so than there are alcohol, cocaine and gambling addictions. The physical evidence of porn addiction is measurable in the brain.

It gets comparatively little media coverage these days, but there are millions of Americans who are thoroughly addicted to porn, with disastrous social, emotional and economic consequences. Here are three solid reasons porn is nothing to play around with: