Oxford Mathematician Explains Why He’s A Follower Of Jesus

Only stupid or insecure or misguided people become followers of Jesus, right? That is an attitude one inevitably encounters while working for a U.S. senator or representative.

But then there is Professor John Lennox, the Irish mathematician from Oxford university, who not only is incredibly intelligent but also among the world’s most effective apologists for Christianity.

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How Do We Know The ‘First Cause’ Is The Christian God?

Most people when they think about it can agree there has to be a First Cause — or the Uncaused Cause — to explain the existence of the universe, including the Earth, time, men and women, etc.

But how do we know this First Cause is the God named in the Christian scriptures? Dr. Frank Turek of cross-examined.org is asked that extremely relevant question by a student who also asks a bunch of additional questions. It makes for a great five minute discussion:


Guy Is Swallowed By Whale And Survives. You Doubted The Bible And Jonah?

South African diver Rainer Schimpf shares something with the biblical Jonah that few, if any, other people ever have — Schimpf was swallowed whole by a huge whale, then spit out, and lived to tell about it.

In fact, it was all caught on video. Faithwire has this incredible story, via Barcroft Animals.

New Testament, Archeology Agree, Pontius Pilate Was A Real Person

A commonly heard objection to the New Testament account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the alleged absence of archeological evidence for various people, including the Lord Himself.

This piece from Raphael Lataster, author of “There Was No Jesus, There Is No God,” is typical of the genre. Besides Jesus, cases have also been made by skeptics that Pontius Pilate was fictional, or at least there was no archeological evidence of his existence.

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PUEBLA 2019: A Monday Journey Way Out, Including A Taste Of Cactus

Workday one in Puebla, Mexico, for our band from Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) fell on February 3, which also happens to be the national holiday celebrating adoption in 1917 of the country’s current constitution.

Fireworks are a big deal in Mexico and a major battle of the revolution that lasted from 1910 to 1920 was won by the constitution forces here in Puebla. So the celebrations in this region are much like re-enactments in the U.S. of battles from our Civil War. Continue reading “PUEBLA 2019: A Monday Journey Way Out, Including A Taste Of Cactus”

PUEBLA 2019: There Was A Time You Couldn’t Pay Me To Do This

It wasn’t that long ago that no amount of money would have been enough to get me to do what I will do for the fourth time in five years, starting early tomorrow morning, February 2.

Me and more than a dozen buddies from Friendship Baptist Church in Sykesville, Md., and thereabouts will board a United Airlines flight from Dulles International Airport to Houston. It’s the first leg of a trip that takes us to Puebla, Mexico, arriving late tomorrow evening.

Why are we going there?

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