Dr. Francis Collins Explains What Led Him From Atheism To Jesus (Yes, THAT Francis Collins!)

Dr. Francis Collins is probably best known as the former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute from 1993 to 2008. But there is another distinction in his biography that is equally unusual.

That distinction is the fact Collins was appointed to head the National Institutes for Health (NIH) by President Barack Obama in 2009 and then re-appointed by President Donald Trump in 2017. How many people in the public eye these days can say they drew such solid support from politicians as opposite one another as Obama and Trump?!!

What is less known about Collins is that he is a man of deep faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  It was not always so because for much of his early adulthood, Collins was a convinced atheist.

But that all began to change, as he explains in the following video from Biologos, when a woman dying of heart disease asked “what do you believe, doctor?”

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*Do You Really Believe What You Claim To Believe?

That headline above poses one of the most important questions anyone can ever ask themselves. Unfortunately, it’s too often one of the last questions all of us ask of ourselves.

Photo by John Jackson on Unsplash

The question has a particular relevance for people working on the Hill. At the surface level, everybody in Congress, working for Congress, reporting on Congress, seeking to influence Congress and trying to get to Congress has beliefs, or at least claims to believe certain things.

But whatever you profess to believe, can you have absolute certainty that what you say you believe is what you actually believe, as reflected in what you think, do and say? And how do you know the difference between the one and the other? Continue reading “*Do You Really Believe What You Claim To Believe?”

Coach Tony Dungy Explains Why He Wins When He Is Second

Maybe you are different but I admire athletes and not just for what they do on the field of play. Ask any major league ball player or successful NFL coach or Indy 500 winner and most will tell you there is so much more off the field or track that is unseen by most of us but absolutely essential to being successful.

It’s all about having the right attitude, maintaining self-discipline and, especially, keeping your priorities straight. The latter does not include making winning the only thing in your life that matters, more important than even your family.

Working in politics and government is like that, too, especially on Capitol Hill where one day you’re the smartest guy in the room and the next you’re updating your resume. Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy talks candidly and at times pointedly about how he came to understand these realities: