White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Tearful Tribute To Apologist Ravi Zacharias

There is likely nobody outside of President Donald Trump himself in a more pressure-packed job in the public spotlight these days than White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany (Screen shot from youtube).

In the short time she has been in the position, she has displayed an articulate, intelligent, and graciously forceful approach to dealing with what surely is the most hostile crowd of White House correspondents ever.

There are more than a few communications directors and press secretaries on Capitol Hill (I’ve been both) who can relate to the challenges McEnany must deal with on a daily basis.

Her comments in this interview with CBN’s David Brody about what Ravi Zacharias meant to her as a Christian at Oxford University suggest her press briefing inquisitors would do well to consider carefully who and what they are now up against:


RIP: Ravi Zacharias

In many ways the first of the modern Christian apologists to breakthrough to mass media audiences, Ravi Zacharias passed away earlier today. He was 74. He founded RZIM — Ravi Zacharias International Ministries — in 1984.

His daughter, Sarah Davis, tells us that earlier this year — just before he received the news his cancer was beyond treatment — Zacharias shared this 17th century poem written by Richard Baxter:

“Lord, it belongs not to my care
Whether I die or live;
To love and serve Thee is my share,
And this Thy grace must give.
If life be long, I will be glad,
That I may long obey;
If short, yet why should I be sad
To welcome endless day?

Christ leads me through no darker rooms
Than He went through before;
He that unto God’s kingdom comes
Must enter by this door.
Come Lord, when grace hath made me meet
Thy blessed face to see;
For if Thy work on earth be sweet
What will thy glory be!

Then I shall end my sad complaints
And weary sinful days,
And join with the triumphant saints
That sing my Savior’s praise.
My knowledge of that life is small,
The eye of faith is dim;
But ‘tis enough that Christ knows all,
And I shall be with Him.”

Today, he is. Rest in peace.

Zacharias delivered this presentation on God’s purposes for each of our lives around the same time as he was thinking about Baxter’s poem:


For We All Stumble in Many Ways

Read this if you are tired of the partisanship, self-serving ambition, deception and hostility that seem so prevalent in Congress, the news media, the White House and the campaign trail. Bruce Cooper beautifully explains that there is another way.

Reasoned Cases for Christ


James 3:1-2NASB
“Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment. For we all stumble in many ways. If anyone does not stumble in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to bridle the whole body as well.”

So here we have James, the half brother of Jesus, writing to Jewish Christians, who are “scattered abroad”. The topic of course, is the words that come out of our mouths and these words are words that originate from within our minds and hearts, and they can also be in the format of the written word, just like I am currently writing in this post.

Most of us know what “stumbling in many ways” means from personal experience. This “stumbling” can and often does happen because of a variety of reasons or causes. A lack of sensitivity, speaking before…

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Coach Tony Dungy Explains Why He Wins When He Is Second

Maybe you are different but I admire athletes and not just for what they do on the field of play. Ask any major league ball player or successful NFL coach or Indy 500 winner and most will tell you there is so much more off the field or track that is unseen by most of us but absolutely essential to being successful.

It’s all about having the right attitude, maintaining self-discipline and, especially, keeping your priorities straight. The latter does not include making winning the only thing in your life that matters, more important than even your family.

Working in politics and government is like that, too, especially on Capitol Hill where one day you’re the smartest guy in the room and the next you’re updating your resume. Former Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Tony Dungy talks candidly and at times pointedly about how he came to understand these realities:


Thoughts On Light And Life

I’ve never been to Italy — two weeks in Scotland and England many years ago being my only experience of Europe —but Elizabeth Prata has been, specifically to Tuscany.

Photo by Elizabeth Prata, End Times. Used by permission.

As you may know, there is something about the light in Tuscany. It’s different, somehow. Prata looks at the light in Tuscany and from there to the light of life itself, Jesus Christ.

It’s an interesting meditation and a good one with which to launch a new week, so I commend it to you:

“During this Pandemic time, I’ve had opportunity to go through and look at and scan some of my old 35mm photos. I went to Italy a few times in the ’90s. I’d always heard that the light in the region of Italy called Tuscany was unique. My grandmother was from Lucca. Tuscany is deemed by Italians to be the ‘best’ region. One reason is that it’s considered the cradle of Italy, since the Etrucscan Civilization was founded there in 900 BC.”

Go here for the rest of this post from Elizabeth Prata and End Times.



DID YOU KNOW? Moses’ Account Of Noah’s Ark Is One Of 200 Ancient Flood Accounts

Pretty much everybody has at least heard about Noah’s Ark and the great flood in the ancient world that destroyed all life except him and his family, plus the many pairs of every animal.

Skeptics of the Bible and Christianity typically dismiss the flood account in Genesis 7 as the product of a localized disaster in which a large area — but far from the entire globe, as scripture claims — was covered with water. Or they claim it’s just a myth, like those found in Greek and Roman mytholody.

But if that’s the case, Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace asks, why are there are ancient accounts all around the world of a catastrophic flood that covered the globe and only a select few humans and animals survived?

And if you really want to get into it, here’s the continuation of Wallace’s presentation.