DID YOU KNOW: Giraffes Have Huge Hearts. By Design Or By Chance?

Have you ever thought about the distance from a giraffe’s heart to its brain? Me, neither, until today anyway,  when I watched the following video from Eric Lyons of Apologetics Press.

Screen shot from Apologetics Press.

Think about it, it’s approximately eight feet from the adult giraffe’s heart to its head.

When the giraffe reaches up into trees to eat, that’s eight vertical feet the heart must pump blood to its brain, while maintaining sufficient blood pressure that, by the way, is substantially greater than you or I require in our bodies to continue living.

So why should you care about this? It’s the difference between mere chance and purposeful intention. By definition, the former isn’t a reliable source for the required heart, while the latter requires will and thus indicates design. But that leads us to you know where! Regardless where you stand on evolution vs intelligent design, this video will make you think twice:


Pastor Rob McCoy: ‘This Is Insane … Take Off The Masks!’

Pastor Rob McCoy, who describes himself as a “pro-life Democrat,” recently converted his church, Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California, into a strip club.

Yes, you read that correctly, a strip club. McCoy acted in response to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decree that church congregations cannot assemble to worship God but strip clubs and numerous other kinds of establishments can remain open.

So, McCoy did a quick strip (of his tie, people, nothing more, this is church, remember?!??), accompanied by the 1960s show tune, “The Stripper.”

And then he delivered a sermon that is yet another sign of a gathering spirit of liberty sparked by oppressive “public health measures” decreed by Newsom and other government figures across the country in response to the Covid Pandemic. Continue reading “Pastor Rob McCoy: ‘This Is Insane … Take Off The Masks!’”

DID YOU KNOW: Majority Of State Capitols Will Have Nativity Scene Displays In 2020; More To Come

At least 31 of the nation’s 50 state capitols will have Nativity Scenes of Christ’s birth in December 2020 and one of the attorneys behind the legal campaign defending such religious expression in the public square is confident the day is coming soon when every state will have such exhibits.

Photo of Nativity Scene being constructed provided by the Thomas More Society.

“The nativities are going up in more than half of the states and it’s based on a free-speech rationale that is very hard to defeat,” Thomas More Society Founder Thomas Brejcha told HillFaith Friday. “Even the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in Illinois and Texas publicly said we were totally justified in doing so.”

Brejcha said he has no doubt at all that within a few years there will be Nativity Scene displays in the capitol rotundas of all 50 states.

“I don’t have the slightest doubt about it. We may have a fight or two, but my response is ‘bring it on,’” he said. Continue reading “DID YOU KNOW: Majority Of State Capitols Will Have Nativity Scene Displays In 2020; More To Come”

DID YOU KNOW: The Bronx Zoo Has Apologized For Its Former Exhibit Displaying Evolutionary Racism?

Regardless of how one views evolution or the role of racism in American history, the reality is that for decades advocacy of racial superiority and inferiority was an intrinsic aspect of evolutionary sociological and political thought.

Ota Benga’s sad story as the central figure of the zoo’s exhibit needs to be told and it especially should be heard by congressional staffers in 2020. The Bronx Zoo recently apologized for that tragic aspect of its long organizational history.

In that connection, David Klinghoffer, editor of Evolution News & Science, offers this excellent profile of Pamela Newkirk, the investigative journalist whose work prompted the zoo’s apology, work that is further illuminated in the following video that tells Ota Benga’s journey:


DID YOU KNOW? Here’s Why Jesus Is Nothing Like The Pagan Deities

Oxford Professor Emeritus John Lennox addresses a fascinating question: How are the countless pagan gods of the ancient world different from the God of the Bible who came among us as Jesus Christ?

For one thing, Lennox points out, all of the pagan gods came from creation in some manner, out of the primordial soup or thrown down from Mt. Olympus, and so forth. Jesus, the Bible tells us, didn’t come from creation, He created it! See Colossians 1:16.

That’s pretty profound when you think about it, but it’s just one of many ways in which Jesus is absolutely and unqualifiedly unique. And Lennox, mathematician and philosopher that he is, has much more to share with us in this delightful video:


DID YOU KNOW? If You Accept The Big Bang, Then Logically, You Also Must Accept Miracles

It all started with the Big Bang, right? Billions of years ago, there was nothing of the universe but empty space. No Earth. No stars or moons. Nobody anywhere. Nothing but … lots and lots of nothing.

J. Warner Wallace.

Then the Big Bang happened and, well, the rest is literally history, right up to this moment as you read these words. You aren’t certain why it happened but you are convinced it did.

But hang on a second, there’s an aspect of the Big Bang that you probably haven’t thought about. It makes all the difference, however, because it’s a miracle, something super-natural, beyond what we understand to be normal. Cold Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace, author of “God’s Crime Scene,” explains why:

DID YOU KNOW? Moses’ Account Of Noah’s Ark Is One Of 200 Ancient Flood Accounts

Pretty much everybody has at least heard about Noah’s Ark and the great flood in the ancient world that destroyed all life except him and his family, plus the many pairs of every animal.

Skeptics of the Bible and Christianity typically dismiss the flood account in Genesis 7 as the product of a localized disaster in which a large area — but far from the entire globe, as scripture claims — was covered with water. Or they claim it’s just a myth, like those found in Greek and Roman mytholody.

But if that’s the case, Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace asks, why are there are ancient accounts all around the world of a catastrophic flood that covered the globe and only a select few humans and animals survived?

And if you really want to get into it, here’s the continuation of Wallace’s presentation.