STAFF MOVES: These People Are Climbing The Ladder On The Hill

Recent Staff Moves, As Reported By Legistorm:

Suzanne Lane is Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s new digital director, moving over from her previous slot with the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. Suzanne is a 2015 graduate of the University of South Carolina with a B.A. in political science and government.

Kayla Rillo, Legislative Assistant to Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska)(Screen shot from Facebook)

Kayla Rillo moves over to the legislative assistant slot in the office of Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) from a similar slot with Rep. Paul Cook (R-Calif.). Kayla is a 2015 political science graduate from Seton Hall University.

Svetlana Matt goes from legislative assistant to Rep. Jerry McNerney (D-Calif.) to his senior counsel. Svetlana earned her law degree in 2012 from the University of California’s Hastings College of the Law. Continue reading “STAFF MOVES: These People Are Climbing The Ladder On The Hill”

Since When Is It Illegal To Pray At The White House???

Richard Patten didn’t just fall off a turnip truck on a Washington, D.C. street day before yesterday. The man has been a mover and shaker on the conservative side of things in this town for a long time.

Patten is also a Christian and he loves this country. For years, he’s been going to the White House and prayer walking there, seeking God’s protection and blessing on this country, regardless of who occupies the Oval Office.

But something un-American has been happening in recent days to Patten. The Secret Service has arrested him, detained him, questioned him in rather intrusive ways, put him in cuffs and seemingly sought to prevent him from exercising his First Amendment right to pray in public at the White House for the president and the nation.

This is happening in America? I avoid making political judgements on HillFaith but I am a passionate believer in the First Amendment for every American. And I’m not aware of any reason to think Patten represents a threat to anybody, much less the most well-protected individual in America.

Watch this video produced by the Daily Caller News Foundation of Patten describing his experiences and explaining why he continues to pray at the White House.


This Woman’s Story Will Make You Weep … Until You Hear The End

What do you do with this?

“Brandy” tells her story on “Restored With Missy Robertson.” (Screen shot)

“When I was two, my mom left me on the doorstep of a dope man’s house and she never came back. She left us there on promises that she would come back to pay for the drugs, and she never came back.”

Billy Hallowell, writing at FaithWire, tells us about “Brandy,” who shared her tragic, but ultimately amazing, story with Missy Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. Robertson’s program on PureFlix is “Restored With Missy Robertson.”

Be forewarned because Brandy’s will make you cry out against the evil that routinely happens in our world, including here in America. But it  will also, hopefully, prompt you to rejoice that there is indeed a God who in the fullness of time heals all wounds and makes all things right. Go here.

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The Claim Of ‘Moral Relativism’ Is Actually A Cultural Myth With Vast Influence

There’s no such thing as moral absolutes. As long as you don’t hurt anybody else, whatever seems right to you is just fine. Everybody knows that, so do it! That’s the absolute truth.

See Acts 18:3 for the description of Paul as a tent-maker to support his missionary work. (Photo by KAL VISUALS on Unsplash)

Well no, it’s not and among the best evidence that it’s not is the fact hardly anybody lives by that maxim, according to Drew Covert of the Tent-Making Christianity blog. But lots of folks profess to believe it, especially when presented with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and their need for Him as their savior.

When you read Covert’s post, don’t miss Professor J. P. Moreland’s story about the student who got an F on an essay on moral relativism because it was written in blue ink. Go here.

Here’s The ‘Chicken-And-Egg’ Dilemma That Confronts Atheists

Is it really possible to explain the origin of life from non-life without God? Lord knows, smart people like Stephen Hawking and legions of others who deny or ignore the possibility of God as creator have been trying for centuries.

But they face what NBC “Dateline” Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace calls the “Chicken-And-Egg” dilemma regarding the proteins that are the essential building blocks of life. It appears to be unsolvable without God. Continue reading “Here’s The ‘Chicken-And-Egg’ Dilemma That Confronts Atheists”

New Study Demonstrates Whether Marriage Or Living Together Make People Happier

How you choose to live with the person you spend the rest of your life with is just as important as who they are

Institute for Family Studies (IFS) Senior Fellow Bradford Wilcox lays out some basic but absolutely vital questions that point to some of the essential advantages marriage offers versus cohabitation.

Is marriage or living together more likely to result in happiness on the road of life? (Photo by Andrew Itaga on Unsplash)

“Is fidelity important to you? Having someone who always tells the truth? Has your back? Communicates well? If these are important to you, marriage looks best,” Wilcox writes.

That’s not just Wilcox’s opinion, either. He is commenting on the results of an important new study from the Pew Research Center entitled “Marriage and Cohabitation in the U.S.”

The results of the survey of 9,000 couples show, among much else, that “married adults are more satisfied with their relationship and more trusting of their partners than those who are cohabiting.” Continue reading “New Study Demonstrates Whether Marriage Or Living Together Make People Happier”

Inmates, Officers Worship Together During Surprise Kanye West Jail Service

Say what you may about hip-hop star Kanye West, but the evidence is mounting that his conversion to Christ is genuine and is moving him to share the good news of the Gospel in some unexpected places.

Check out this video released on YouTube by the Harris County (Texas) Corrections Department of a surprise West service Friday in the Houston facility. (And don’t miss “heart-breaking setback” question that follows the vide):

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