SATURDAY SPECIAL: A Light At The End Of The Covid Tunnel?

Bill Walton has one of the most interesting digital interview shows you will find anywhere on the Internet, thanks to the wide variety of challenging and relevant topics that interest him and the routinely superb quality of guests he features (well maybe not quite always, as he did have yours truly on last year!).

Phil Kerpen, President, American Commitment (Screenshot from “The Bill Walton Show”).

Most recently, Bill welcomed Phil Kerpen, President of American Commitment, on his show to talk about where America stands with the Covid Pandemic, where we’ve been and what’s most likely ahead for us, particularly from an economic perspective.

“The winter wave is subsiding pretty rapidly. Right now, as we speak, it’s down about 45 percent from the early January peak nationally,” Kerpen said at the outset of the February 11 interview.

“Hospitalizations have come down about 25 percent, so we’re now in a pretty steep decline. Now in previous waves we also had declines, so this doesn’t mean this is the end and we won’t have another one.

“But the difference now is that every region of the country is declining at the same time, which we have not see before, and so I am cautiously optimistic that is sort of the true end of the season and we may be past this until this seasonally recurs a year from now and, if we have sufficient vaccination before that, we may never have another epidemic-type outbreak.”

Why Kerpen’s cautious optimism? You have to watch the whole interview for that, plus what he has to say about multiple aspects of the issue. This is a 49-minute interview, much longer than the usual here on HillFaith, but it’s a Saturday Special and I promise you will both enjoy and be challenged by it:



Author: Mark Tapscott

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