Four Men Of Faith To Watch In The Super Bowl Tonight

Four of the men who will take the field for tonight’s Super Bowl have made clear that, while they want very much to win the football game, there is something vastly more important and rewarding in their lives.

It’s their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ who died on the cross for their sins and with whom they will spend eternity praising and thanking Him after they leave this life on Earth.

The four men are, first,Kansas City Chief’s Quarterback Patrick Mahomes talked about his faith in this discussion with Sports Spectrum’s Jason Romano:

Mahomes has his work cut out for him tonight because, as the leader of the defending Super Bowl champion, he’s going up against the winningest Super Bowl quarterback ever in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Tom Brady.

The second man of faith to watch tonight is Bucs’ wide receiver Scotty Miller, who told Sports Spectrum that he wants “to give Him thanks as much as I can in the media:”

The fact that Bucs’ defensive lineman Vita Vea is even on the field is an amazing blessing for him because this season he’s had to come back from a fractured ankle, a serious injury:

Finally, there’s the Bucs’ field goal kicker, Ryan Succop, who has an amazing story about how he came to be a member of one of the two team’s competing in the biggest football game of the year:

Regardless of who you are cheering for tonight to win the ballgame, these four men are walking the talk and living the faith in one of the world’s toughest arenas, with unrelenting pressure to win, little allowance for failure and the constant awareness of being in the public eye.

Not unlike working on Capitol Hill, right?!

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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