10 Ways Jesus Has Changed The World For Better For Women

Author Kurt Mahlburg, Cross and Culture.

Kurt Mahlburg is the Research and Features Editor for Australia’s Canberra Declaration, as well as author of “Cross and Culture: Can Jesus Save the West?”

Kurt’s analysis of 10 ways Jesus has changed the world for the better for women provides a serious and thought-provoking look at some realities that are often ignored or mis-represented in the wider culture:

“Has equality for women been achieved? You’ll hear quite different answers to this question depending on whom you ask. But here’s something we can all agree on: in the West, by almost any measure, today is the best time for women to be alive.

“This isn’t to say we’ve created a perfect world — there are always improvements to be made. For this very reason, it’s vital that we understand what inspired the transformation that women have already experienced through the centuries. So long as we know what got us this far, we can maintain our momentum in the right direction.

“A serious look at history reveals the immeasurable role Jesus has played in advancing liberty and equal treatment for women. This may sound controversial to modern ears, since many people today view Christianity as a force that holds women back.

“Indeed, the failures of Christians should not be ignored. But in fairness, these failures form only part of the story. The way Jesus treated women marked a turning point in the ancient world that has echoed through the centuries. Both in His life and through His church, Jesus has raised the status of women like no one else in history.

“Consider just ten of the ways that Jesus has changed the world for women:” Go here for the balance of 10 Ways.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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