Facebook Getting In Your Head? No, Really, Inside Your Brain!

Yes, Mark Zuckerberg wants to get inside your head and know what you are thinking before you do. Ultimately, he may even gain the ability to plant thoughts in your head that you think are your own.

It’s true, according to information leaked recently from a meeting of Facebook executives where one of them reported on developments in the social media giant’s efforts to develop a mind-reading device.

I am not making this up, folks. Buzzfeed first reported it in December, based on an audio recording it obtained of the meeting in which, among much else, Facebook’s technology chief, Mike Schroepfer, gave those present a preview.

“Having acquired neural interface startup CTRL-labs in 2019, Facebook demonstrated its progress in the field with a sensor that takes ‘neural signals coming from my brain, down my spinal cord along my arm, to my wrist’ and allows a user to make a physical action. Schroepfer noted that it could be used for typing, holding a virtual object, or controlling a character in a video game,” Buzzfeed reported.

“We all get the privilege of seeing the future because we are making it,” Schroepfer reportedly said.

At the same time Buzzfeed disclosed content of the audio tape it received, the UK’s Independent reported that Facebook has been working for several years on another mind-reading device:

“Earlier in 2019, Facebook divulged details of a separate type of brain-computer interface that used a headset instead of a wristband to read thoughts.

“In a paper published in Nature Communications, Facebook researchers described how the headset relied on an algorithm capable of decoding brain activity to instantly transcribe what a person is saying into text. The non-invasive wearable device could already recognise a small set of words and phrases.”

Should you be worried about these developments? Consider that Schroepfer also talked about related Artificial Intelligence (AI) developments that are strengthening Facebook’s ability to censor unpopular speech.

“Sooner or later, the ‘wrong’ people will gain control of the government and you will be censored for thinking and speaking unapproved ideas.”

“’And it is actually the key tool we are using right now today in production to fight hate speech, misinformation, and honestly the hardest possible content problems we face,’ Schroepfer said, noting a company talking point that Facebook now detects 95 percent of all hate speech on the platform,” according to Buzzfeed.

There doesn’t appear from the reporting by Buzzfeed and The Independent any recognition of or concern in the Facebook senior executive ranks about the dangers of censorship owing to the fact one person’s considered opinion is another’s “hate speech.”

And with the explosion of the Cancel Culture in this country, every person who works for a senator, representative, congressional committee or congressional agency should be worried about these developments because, sooner or later, the “wrong” people will gain control of the government and you will be censored for thinking and speaking unapproved ideas.

The growing debate in Congress on the issue of how Section 230 of the Federal Communications Act should apply to social media’s accountability for what it publishes is only the first taste of what is certain to be an increasingly important issue area, so get ready for it, Hill folks.

“In 1976, both the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times reported on the federal government’s research efforts in the area of mind-control.”

Nobody should be surprised that Facebook and likely numerous other outfits are working hard to develop devices and technology to “read” your mind and/or control your thoughts and actions.

In 1976, both the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times reported on the federal government’s research efforts in the area of mind-control.

And in 1993, when I was Washington Bureau Chief for Defense Electronics magazine, I attended a CIA-hosted briefing by Chris and Janet Morris on the work of a Russian scientist in the area of mind-control technologies. The news hook for my story was the fact Department of Justice officials considered using the technology during the Waco siege against David Koresh.

The magazine has long-since shut down and to my knowledge the only place my published report on that briefing is archived is in a CIA reading room. I checked the link I have in my personal archive to that reading room this morning and it has some sort of problem.

You can find an index and description of such reporting, including my DE story, the AP story and the LA Times story here, as compiled by mindjustice.org, a non-profit that tracks such technologies.

Also, check out this report in Wired for a detailed description of the Russian research and the efforts of the Morris duo to convince the Department of Defense to devote major resources to its further development and applications.

Are there spiritual issues involved here? You bet, starting with the fact God gives every man and woman a brain that He expects us to use wisely, morally and justly.

Any technology that subverts individual autonomy and accountability ought to raise fundamental questions about its legitimacy, who controls it and how it is applied in society

Stay tuned.


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  1. Not just FB. I trashed my first “smart” phone after it kept trying to get into my mind. Didn’t have any phone for a year — used a MagicJack. Been very happy with my flip phone for a couple of years…. (I love watching old movies when folks look for a pay phone or get a call at a number they left before leaving.)


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