Can You ID The City And The Year In Which This Photo Was Taken?

If you can identify the city and the year in which this photo was taken, send your answer to: First person with the right answer gets a free lunch, on HillFaith! (No, this offer is not too good to be true!!!)

UPDATE: We Have A Winner! Two Actually.

At precisely 10:16 am this morning, James Hurley emailed that this photo is of the New York City skyline in 1956 at Christmas Eve. Literally only seconds later, Pastor Kelham’s email with the same correct info appeared in the HillFaith inbox.

So, given the impossibility of determining which of these fine gentlemen actually clicked their send button first, I hereby declare them co-winners of lunch on HillFaith. Way to go, guys.

Honorable Mention: Robert Arvantis got the city right but was slightly off on the year. Sorry about that, Robert. How about a cup of coffee on HillFaith?


Author: Mark Tapscott

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