MYTH-BUSTERS: No, Christmas Is Not Simply A Warmed-Over Pagan Celebration

You’ve no doubt heard it before — critics claiming Christmas is just a warmed-over pagan holiday that Christian church leaders stole in order to create a commemoration of the birth of Jesus.

Variations of this theme have been peddled for decades on college campuses by professors with classrooms full of students who grew up in churches that didn’t prepare them with historical facts, or to think logically, critically assess evidence and understand critics’ arguments.

In the following video from the “The Incarnate Investigation” series, Cold-Case Christianity’s Jimmy Wallace (who, as a Los Angeles Police Investigator, is following in his famous father’s footsteps) turns on the camera in his car and makes clear how the critics only told part of the story, while ignoring the most VIP. Oh, and Merry Christmas to all!


WHO: NBC “Dateline” cold-case detective J. Warner Wallace
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Author: Mark Tapscott

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3 thoughts on “MYTH-BUSTERS: No, Christmas Is Not Simply A Warmed-Over Pagan Celebration”

  1. Re: Fir/Cypress/Evergreens, trees visually indistinguishable from Christmas trees to non-experts are specifically mentioned in the bible as symbols of the god of the bible: I am asking advocates of the “Pagan Origin” narrative (the video seems to accept as a given) for a similarly clear citation. None have provided it. Short of such clear evidence, the claim that the Christmas tree is more pagan than Christian appears to be baseless conjecture.


  2. There are some historical errors in this video, which is nevertheless well intended.

    For instance, shepherds regularly tend their flocks in late December in the Bethlehem region to this day. It is a Mediterranean climate, and it just doesn’t get that cold there. The temperature is about like the temperature here in Arizona, which is on the same latitude line as Bethlehem. And Navajo shepherds also tend their sheep in the winter.

    The winter solstice did not have a particular religious significance to the Roman pagans, any more than New Year’s Eve does to moderns; it was important from an agricultural and calendar-keeping practice, but was not religious and did not usually fall on December 25.

    The belief that Christian holidays were an appropriation of pagan holidays was an obsession of Victorian folklorists like Sir James Frazer, whose scholarship is now viewed as suspect.


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