Pitt Researchers Graft Aborted Baby Scalp Tissue On To Rats

Baby Mary might have been born and grown up to become the medical researcher who discovered the cure for cancer, but instead she was aborted in the 18th week of her mother’s pregnancy.

But despite being aborted, Baby Mary today still has a role in medical research. Or at least a piece of her scalp does. When Baby Mary was killed in her mother’s womb and her tiny body dismembered, a piece of her scalp containing hair follicles was sold on the fetal tissue gray market.

As a  result, part of Baby Mary may now be found growing on the body of a laboratory rodent, thanks to researchers at the University of Pittsburgh. Here are photos of some of their work in progress:

Examples of fetal scalp tissue successfully implanted on rodent bodies (Screenshot from Science Reports study pdf).

The darker hairs are from the fetal scalp tissue, while the lighter hair surrounding the darker area is the rodent’s natural coating.

Now, if you work on Capitol Hill, ask yourself if this kind of research using pieces of dead unborn infants is something you would like to be known for supporting.

If your answer is yes, then think about this: Why stop with a small piece of scalp? Why not use organs harvested from aborted babies in scientific research? Well, you should know then that organs from aborted infants are already being harvested and sold on the gray market.

It’s all in this report on Scientific Reports about the research that you can download in pdf format and read for yourself. Then, after you’ve read it, decide if you think such research is justified by the potential good that allegedly can come from it. Go here for additional information and reporting by LifeSite News.

By the way, another, simpler way of stating that position is with the familiar argument of totalitarians everywhere that “the end justifies the means.”

And one more thing: If it’s okay to use scalps from aborted babies, why not use other parts of their dismembered bodies, like their brains, hearts or lungs?

And if so much good can come from doing so, why not conceive babies solely to be aborted at a certain stage of pregnancy, so their tiny bodies can be sliced apart for use in medical research? It’s for the greater good, right?

Where does such “the end justifies the means” human experimentation stop? Well, know this: It only stopped in Nazi Germany when Allied soldiers destroyed Hitler’s evil regime.

Now ask yourself this: Is that what you want for America?


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  1. This is Josef Mengele levels of evil! “Trust the science,” they say. This is why many of us don’t “trust the science.”

    Pray for this nation as it is clearly fallen.


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