DID YOU KNOW: Giraffes Have Huge Hearts. By Design Or By Chance?

Have you ever thought about the distance from a giraffe’s heart to its brain? Me, neither, until today anyway,  when I watched the following video from Eric Lyons of Apologetics Press.

Screen shot from Apologetics Press.

Think about it, it’s approximately eight feet from the adult giraffe’s heart to its head.

When the giraffe reaches up into trees to eat, that’s eight vertical feet the heart must pump blood to its brain, while maintaining sufficient blood pressure that, by the way, is substantially greater than you or I require in our bodies to continue living.

So why should you care about this? It’s the difference between mere chance and purposeful intention. By definition, the former isn’t a reliable source for the required heart, while the latter requires will and thus indicates design. But that leads us to you know where! Regardless where you stand on evolution vs intelligent design, this video will make you think twice:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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