On The ‘Delicate Balance’ Between The Seen And The Unseen

My Canadian brother in Christ, Bruce Cooper, has a deeply insightful and personal discussion this morning comparing our experience in the routines of daily life with that of “Doubting Thomas,” the disciple who would not believe Jesus had been resurrected until he actually saw Him and touched Him.

“Being a disciple of Jesus is kind of like being in two realities at the same time. The one that we see and the one that we don’t see,” Bruce writes.

“But like so many things in life that we are exposed to, the values are the exact opposition of what one would expect. That which we see now is temporary and that which we don’t see is eternal,” he adds.

If you have ever, for even one fleeting instant, wondered to yourself if there is anything real beyond the world of our physical senses, odds are you will find much of value in Bruce’s meditation this morning. Might even be a life-changing experience!  Go here.



Author: Mark Tapscott

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