Some Hard Truths On Truth, Lies, Jesus And God

My Canadian brother in Christ, Bruce Cooper, is a man who chooses his words carefully and well, so when he takes up a topic like the fact that Jesus doesn’t (present tense because He is alive!) lie, I pay attention.

He has a must-read post today on “Reasoned Cases for Christ” entitled “Jesus Doesn’t Lie” that begins with a penetrating question:

“Can you imagine being held to the standard of always telling the truth? Always? And we are not talking about just common conversation. We are talking about continually conveying truth, illustrating truth and validating truth.

“Most of us probably don’t even think about the reality of having the ability or choice of stretching the truth, avoiding the truth or not speaking the truth, in our day to day interactions with others, but Jesus didn’t exercise that option.

“Every word that He uttered was truth. Every illustration He gave represented truth and everything that Jesus did validated truth. Truth, that reality that we all need to be able to discern truth from untruth.

“And that ability is not just sorely missing today, but it is almost to the point of being unattainable, almost, because of the magnitude of the darkness that currently hides the light …”

Go here to learn why it is only almost unattainable (thus attainable) and much more.



Author: Mark Tapscott

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