Boxer Rebellion Revisited As China Set To Ban Foreign Missionaries

In a move recalling 1900’s Boxer Rebellion, officials in the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) are preparing to ban foreign missionaries from China.

Screenshot from “Reading Through History” on the Boxer Rebellion. The individual being restrained is about to be beheaded.

The “Foreign Religious Activities in the People’s Republic of China” draft rules released earlier this month provide 40 Articles covering virtually every aspect of missionary work in the world’s most populous country.

“Foreigners are also not allowed to set up religious groups, engage in activities, or open schools, proselytise among Chinese citizens, recruit followers, or accept donations from Chinese citizens (Article 21),” according to LifeSiteNews, quoting AsiaNews.It.

Foreign-based groups, including missionaries representing Protestant groups like the Southern Baptist Convention’s Foreign Missions Board and the Catholic Church in Rome, must register with SARA, then wait 20 days before being told what they can and cannot do.

The registration requires names of each individual associated with the group seeking to operate in China, as well as detailed information about proposed activities.

The authorization also includes review of materials proposed for distribution to Chinese citizens. Thus, missionaries may carry with them into China no more than 10 copies of the Bible.

The SARA regulations are the latest development in the CCP’s expanding effort to contain and ultimately eliminate the influence of Christianity in China. Go here for previous HillFaith reporting on these developments.

“The government has orchestrated a campaign to ‘sinicise’ Christianity, to turn Christianity into a fully domesticated religion that would do the bidding of the party,” Lian Xi, a Duke University professor who focuses on Christianity in modern China, told The Guardian earlier this year.

Persecution of Christians is not a new thing in China, as the decade-long Cultural Revolution launched by Chairman Mao Tse Sung specifically targeted Christians.

The SARA regulations also recall the 1900 Boxer Rebellion that sought to remove all “foreign devils” from China. The Boxer Rebellion especially targeted Chinese converts to Christianity in a bloody purge that saw many tortured and murdered.


Did Jesus Really Think He Was God?

The Delicate Balance Between The Seen And The Unseen

Even Top Evolutionists Admit The Universe Looks Designed



When Meeting Messiah Means Counting The Cost

How committed are you to what you believe? Would you still do it if you knew it would never make you rich? How about if you knew continuing it meant ostracism from family and friends? And what if you knew it might mean martyrdom?

Those are the kinds of questions that often confront men and women who become followers of Jesus Christ. In the following One for Israel video, Dr. Seth Mostell gives a moving testimony of what Jesus meant when He said “count the cost:

On The ‘Delicate Balance’ Between The Seen And The Unseen

My Canadian brother in Christ, Bruce Cooper, has a deeply insightful and personal discussion this morning comparing our experience in the routines of daily life with that of “Doubting Thomas,” the disciple who would not believe Jesus had been resurrected until he actually saw Him and touched Him.

“Being a disciple of Jesus is kind of like being in two realities at the same time. The one that we see and the one that we don’t see,” Bruce writes.

“But like so many things in life that we are exposed to, the values are the exact opposition of what one would expect. That which we see now is temporary and that which we don’t see is eternal,” he adds.

If you have ever, for even one fleeting instant, wondered to yourself if there is anything real beyond the world of our physical senses, odds are you will find much of value in Bruce’s meditation this morning. Might even be a life-changing experience!  Go here.



SUNDAY SONGS: The Father’s House

Sometimes on this journey
I get lost in my mistakes
What looks to me like weakness
Is a canvas for your strength
And my story isn’t over
My story’s just begun
And failure won’t define me
‘Cause that’s what my Father does
Yeah, failure won’t define me
‘Cause that’s what my Father does
Ooh, lay your burdens down
Ooh, here in the Father’s house
Check your shame at the door
‘Cause it ain’t welcome anymore
Ooh, you’re in the Father’s house
Arrival’s not the end game
The journey’s where you are
You never wanted perfect
You just wanted my heart
And the story isn’t over
If the story isn’t good
And failure’s never final
When the Father’s in the room
And failure’s never final
When the Father’s in the room
Ooh, lay your burdens down
Ooh, here in the Father’s house
Check your shame at the door
‘Cause it ain’t welcome anymore
Ooh, you’re in the Father’s house
Yeah, you’re in the Father’s house
Prodigals come home
The helpless find hope
Love is on the move
When the Father’s in the room
Prison doors fling wide
The dead come to life
Love is on the move
When the Father’s in the room
Miracles take place
The cynical find faith
And love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room
The Jericho walls are quaking
Strongholds now are shaking
Love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room
I said, love is breaking through
When the Father’s in the room
Ooh, lay your burdens down
Ooh, here in the Father’s house
Check your shame at the door
‘Cause it ain’t welcome anymore
Ooh, you’re in the Father’s house
Yeah, lay your burdens down
Ooh, here in the Father’s house
Check your shame at the door
(Welcome anymore)
Ooh, you’re in the Father’s house
Source: Musixmatch
Songwriters: Cory Asbury / Benjamin William Hastings / Ethan Hulse

GOOD QUESTION: Did Jesus Really Think He Was God?

Here’s question for you to ponder on this Saturday of Thanksgiving Weekend morning: Why did Jesus repeatedly accept the worship of Himself by His followers?

That’s a question posed by J. Warner Wallace of Cold-Case Christianity in the following video. Be prepared, though, because it’s not the only arresting question Wallace poses:


EMERGING ISSUES ON THE HILL: Aides Should Be Wary Of China’s QR Code Tracking Proposals

Speaking to last weekend’s G20 Summit, China’s strongman, Xi Jinping, encouraged world leaders to follow his country’s example in establishing digital systems to track and regulate the domestic and international movement of citizens, based on factors like their Covid health status.

(Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash).

“While containing the virus, we need to restore the secure and smooth operation of global industrial and supply chains. We need to reduce tariffs and barriers, and explore the liberalization of trade of key medical supplies.

“We need to further harmonize policies and standards and establish ‘fast tracks’ to facilitate the orderly flow of personnel. China has proposed a global mechanism on the mutual recognition of health certificates based on nucleic acid test results in the form of internationally accepted QR codes,” Xi said.

Sounds innocuous, no? When you realize what Xi is suggesting in his reference to QR codes, it ought to raise all kinds of red flags on Capitol Hill. LifeSite’s Michael Haynes explains: Continue reading “EMERGING ISSUES ON THE HILL: Aides Should Be Wary Of China’s QR Code Tracking Proposals”

THINK ABOUT THIS: Friday’s Poached Egg

Then Jesus said:

And do not be called ‘masters,’ either, because you have one master, the Messiah. The greatest among you will be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Matthew 23:10-12

Photo by Melanie Sosa on Unsplash.

And C.S. Lewis said:

“A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic — on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg — or else he would be the Devil of Hell.

You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse.” – C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity.

Some Hard Truths On Truth, Lies, Jesus And God

My Canadian brother in Christ, Bruce Cooper, is a man who chooses his words carefully and well, so when he takes up a topic like the fact that Jesus doesn’t (present tense because He is alive!) lie, I pay attention.

He has a must-read post today on “Reasoned Cases for Christ” entitled “Jesus Doesn’t Lie” that begins with a penetrating question:

“Can you imagine being held to the standard of always telling the truth? Always? And we are not talking about just common conversation. We are talking about continually conveying truth, illustrating truth and validating truth. Continue reading “Some Hard Truths On Truth, Lies, Jesus And God”

THANKSGIVING! Supreme Court Upholds First Amendment Against Cuomo Worship Restrictions

In what could prove to be a landmark decision upholding the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom of assembly and practice, the Supreme Court late Wednesday slapped down New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s limits on worship assemblies in certain hard-hit areas of New York.

In a 5-4 decision, the Court said Cuomo’s restriction of religious assemblies in the targeted areas to no more than 25 individuals in some and no more than 10 in others must address a “compelling” state interest, satisfy “strict scrutiny” and be “narrowly tailored” to minimally impinge on First Amendment rights.

But Cuomo’s regulations failed on both counts, saying “Stemming the spread of COVID–19 is unquestionably a compelling interest, but it is hard to see how the challenged regulations can be regarded as ‘narrowly tailored.’

“They are far more restrictive than any COVID–related regulations that have previously come before the Court, much tighter than those adopted by many other jurisdictions hard-hit by the pandemic, and far more severe than has been shown to be required to prevent the spread of the virus at the applicants’ services.” Continue reading “THANKSGIVING! Supreme Court Upholds First Amendment Against Cuomo Worship Restrictions”

‘The Blessing’ For Thanksgiving, From OneHeartDC, To Capitol Hill

By Bret Bernhardt

One of my great joys of working on Capitol Hill is meeting people and making friends along the way. In particular, there are those who have committed to sharing God‘s love with those who work in Congress. Some were part of a church, others with a para-church organization, and some simply had an individual calling.

Now, after working in the Senate, I’ve had the privilege of returning the favor. About four or five times a year, we gather together those who are dedicated to personal ministry on Capitol Hill. We get together for lunch, and now by Zoom, to support, encourage, and pray for one another in this vital work.

I’d like to highlight the work one of these individuals whom God has called to minister not only to Capitol Hill but the entire DC region. As we look at the seeming darkness around us it is refreshing to see how God is using people like this to bring his light in to those places. Continue reading “‘The Blessing’ For Thanksgiving, From OneHeartDC, To Capitol Hill”

Pastor Rob McCoy: ‘This Is Insane … Take Off The Masks!’

Pastor Rob McCoy, who describes himself as a “pro-life Democrat,” recently converted his church, Godspeak Calvary Chapel in Thousand Oaks, California, into a strip club.

Yes, you read that correctly, a strip club. McCoy acted in response to California Gov. Gavin Newsom’s decree that church congregations cannot assemble to worship God but strip clubs and numerous other kinds of establishments can remain open.

So, McCoy did a quick strip (of his tie, people, nothing more, this is church, remember?!??), accompanied by the 1960s show tune, “The Stripper.”

And then he delivered a sermon that is yet another sign of a gathering spirit of liberty sparked by oppressive “public health measures” decreed by Newsom and other government figures across the country in response to the Covid Pandemic. Continue reading “Pastor Rob McCoy: ‘This Is Insane … Take Off The Masks!’”

Even Top Evolutionists Admit The World Looks Like Something That Was Intelligently Designed

Bet you didn’t know that the appearance of intelligent design in the universe is so deep and pervasive that more than a few otherwise convinced evolutionists concede that the world looks like it was created for a purpose.

In the following video, Eric Lyons of the Apologetics Press shares some surprisingly candid quotes from world-famous evolutionists like Jerry Coyne. At what point of interwoven sophistication in form and function does it become unreasonable to think it came to be strictly by chance?

You don’t have to agree with every jot and tittle of Lyons’ presentation (I don’t) to realize how amazing is the incredible complexity, cleverness and intricacy of creation, far beyond what might be possible through chance:


WHAT DO YOU THINK? Evidence Expert Sees Four Key Factors Best Explained By Jesus’ Resurrection

Paul the Apostle put it bluntly in I Corinthians 15: 12-19 when he said that, if Christ was not really resurrected by God from the dead three days after His crucifixion, then Christians are among all people “the most to be pitied.”

Why? Because Christianity depends absolutely for its credibility upon the truth of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. If He was not raised as He said He would be prior to the crucifixion, then the faith is based on a falsehood. If Christ did not conquer death, then He cannot save us from our sin, which leads to eternal death.

So, how do we decide where we stand on this issue of the truth or falsehood of the Resurrection? Like any other issue, it’s a matter of finding the evidence, assessing the possible explanations, then reaching a conclusion as to which one of the potential explanations best accounts for the evidence.

Cold-Case Christianity’s J. Warner Wallace is one of the world’s best judges of evidence and how it fits potential explanations. For much of his adult life, he was a convinced atheist, but then he applied what he learned as a Los Angeles Police detective who specialized in solving the coldest murder cases to the evidence for the resurrection. He explains what he concluded and why in the following short video:


FIRST AMENDMENT: YouTube Is Censoring Pro-Life Group Videos

Americans’ faith in the major institutions of our nation and culture is declining rapidly, thanks to politicians who say one thing but do another, Mainstream Media that ignores facts that conflict with the preferred narrative and tech giants who use labels like “mis-information” to describe what is in fact nothing more than blatant censorship.

New Exhibit A: LifeSite reports that one of its videos of a Canadian medical doctor explaining why he believes the Coronavirus Pandemic is “the greatest hoax ever perpetrated” has prompted an attack on the First Amendment by YouTube.

YouTube shutdown LifeSite’s channel, which has more than 200,000 subscribers, for a week. In YouTube’s alternative universe, such action is considered a first strike. Three strikes and your channel is terminated permanently.

Another term for the latter action is “de-platforming,” which is to say barring access by an individual or group to a public platform for the expression of opinions and sharing of information. De-platforming is, in short,  censorship, pure and simple.

But all is not yet lost for LifeSite, as the site’s editors explain:

“All of LifeSite’s videos and shows, including The Mother Miriam ShowThe Bishop Strickland Show, and many more, will available for viewing this week on LifeSite’s Rumble channel by clicking hereThe video that led to censorship from YouTube can also be found there.

“On November 18, YouTube had flagged another of LifeSite’s videos, The Mother Miriam Show. Despite being titled, ‘Catholic Christmas traditions to instill faith in your kids,’ that video also received a warning of ‘medical misinformation.’ YouTube then removed the video.”

Historians may well someday look back on Big Tech’s current actions and wonder why firms like YouTube purposely alienated millions of otherwise loyal customers by refusing service to them due to their opinions on a political issue. That qualifies as cutting off your nose to spite your own face.