Thousands Pray For Nation On Capital Grounds

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) told a crowd estimated to include 35,000 people from across America on Sunday that the American people would “feel the love of Jesus,” according to Christian Headlines Contributor Milton Quintanilla.

“America needs that love,” Hawley said, Quintanilla reported. “They need to feel the love of Jesus Christ. They need that hope and joy that we have.” Hawley was addressing attendees at the Let Us Worship event organized by Sean Feucht, who is worship leader at Bethel Church in California.

The Missouri Republican also asked believers to pray for Judge Barrett, who was sworn-in late Monday as the nation’s newest Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. Barrett, a devout charismatic Catholic, is a pro-life advocate of reading the Constitution as it was written, not as today’s politicians would like it to be.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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