FAMILY: This Is Why We Have Such Material Success And Relational Failure On A Global Scale

Summary: Love is a choice to put another’s needs before my own, rather than simply a warm feeling about another. “True love” is the commitment of a married man and woman to each other and the children they have (natural and adopted) as a family. The family is the basic unit of civilization. When the family fails, civilization fails. – Mark Tapscott, HillFaith Editor

By Dr. Patrick Fagan

Materially, as a society, we thrive as never before in history while relationally, we are failing as never before.  As these opposites become more visible and disturbing, some people seek solutions in violence, others, in sex, booze, and drugs, all of which harm the relational even more.

When I was an undergraduate in the social sciences, the statement “Grace builds on nature” was common but regarded as theological and of no concern for social scientists.

Today, however, this phrase has a major place in the social sciences, as they play their part in building the new civilization the world now needs. They illustrate with data the way man thrives and fails.

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Author: Mark Tapscott

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