WHAT DO YOU THINK? Are All Christians Intolerant Bigots?

Yes, there are people who call themselves Christians who are intolerant of all kinds of things. But don’t confuse them with the biblical faith defined by Jesus Christ, who saves men and women of all races, nations, creeds and ideologies.

Josh, left, and Sean McDowell, co-authors of “The Beauty of Intolerance.”

The truth is that bigotry and intolerance are found among individuals of both genders, who are from all races, nations, creeds and ideologies. Some are more intolerant and bigoted than others and some are waaay more.

But does being tolerant require approving of every single thing any person ever does or says, even if what they do or say is an expression of something  that would absolutely repel the rest of us? Of course not, tolerance is not an absolute.

CBN Host Terry Meeuwsen, left, and Biola University Professor Sean McDowell.

Professor Sean McDowell of Biola University was interviewed earlier this week on CBN about “The Beauty of INtolerance,” which he co-wrote with his father, Josh McDowell. Sean is an associate professor of Christian apologetics and a popular speaker at events around the nation.

And yes, his co-author is the same Josh McDowell whose apologetic classic, “More Than A Carpenter,” you can have at no cost by responding to the offer in the right sidebar of this post (hundreds of people already have!).

Check out Sean’s explanation of the difference between good and bad tolerance, justified intolerance and unacceptable intolerance, and why it’s important to learn to think carefully and logically about them:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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