10 Things About Your Brain That May Blow Your Mind!

Did you know, for example, the evidence is mounting that it is realistic to envision in the not-too-distant future being able to control a prosthesis for a lost limb with nothing more than thoughts?

Or that, while there are some striking similarities between the human brain and computers, assuming that neurons are like microprocessors and that therefore computers will someday be able to “think” like people is a dangerous path for materialists because microprocessors require programmers?

An intriguing post in Mind Matters today further includes this observation in asking if there are any neurosurgeons who think the brain and the mind are two distinctive things:

“Yes, the great mid-twentieth century neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield offered three lines of reasoning for such doubts, based on brain surgery on over a thousand patients. A number of other neuroscience pioneers, some of them Nobel Laureates, arrived at that position due to their research.”

And that’s just a sample! For more on the 10 things Mind Matters discusses, go here.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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