Here’s Why You Are The Very Best Evidence That God Does Exist

“It’s important to have reasons for what you believe. ‘If only God gave me a sign’ is a common thought people have if they are still unsure if God exists. And fair enough — it doesn’t make sense to ‘just have faith’ and throw reason out the door.

“But what if the best evidence for God’s existence isn’t somewhere up in the sky but is actually staring at you in the mirror? ‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made’ are words that the poet King David wrote thousands of years ago, and they are still true for each of us today.

“There’s something that sets human beings apart from all other living creatures. Our ability to fall in love, to appreciate the beauty that’s around us, and to ponder our own existence are amazing and unique qualities. No animal or plant experiences these things: only people.”

These are the opening graphs of Kurt Mahlburg’s post on his blog, Cross+Culture, on the challenging question posed in the headline above. Go here for the rest of Kurt’s thoughts.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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