WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: Is Being Gay Genetic?

It’s all but an article of faith among gay rights advocates that same-sex attraction is rooted in genetics, therefore, the argument goes, it is not a question of moral choice, but nature.

A decade or two ago, public discussion of the search for “the gay gene” was common, but not so much in more recent years. The reason, according to this Colson Center video, is that the evidence for the existence of such a gene simply doesn’t exist.

That doesn’t mean such a gene will never be found, but it ought to encourage advocates on all sides of these issues to avoid definitive declarations about what the science does or does not prove:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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3 thoughts on “WHAT WOULD YOU SAY: Is Being Gay Genetic?”

  1. Uh, what about the (identical) twin studies from decades ago that show p = .5 (coin toss). Have they been “disproven” or just discarded?


  2. I remember reading about a study from Germany that showed a positive correlation between anxiety experienced by a mother during her pregnancy and the likelihood that her child would be gay. I don’t know whether this study still stands, but it does show that environmental factors in the womb may make it futile to search for a “gay gene”. This study was from a long time ago, so the anxiety levels may have been related to WW2.


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