Had An Epiphany Lately?

Epiphanies are those moments in life when something suddenly and without warning becomes clear in our lives and we begin to see things with new insight — and perhaps begin to think and do differently as well.

Screen shot from Reflections blog.

For my part, probably the most important such moment in my life came at 9:15 am in the morning of March 1, 1991, when I awakened from my last drinking spree and looked around at the wreckage I’d made of my life and those of others near and dear to me.

It was at the precise moment that the Lord opened my eyes to see that wreckage honestly and to realize that I had to make up my mind, do I really believe what I profess about being a Christian and, if I do, why don’t I start acting like one instead of being a hypocrite?

It hasn’t been all sweetness and light since then, but the Lord has changed me in countless ways and turned my life into an incredible adventure of learning, loving and living. There isn’t a day goes by that I don’t thank Him for that epiphany.

But that’s enough out of me. Philosopher Kenneth Samples writes of his own epiphanic experiences in an interesting post on his blog, Reflections.  He writes movingly about his discovery of a Dutch theologian who knew his father, an American GI, fighting in World War II.

Go here for the full Samples.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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One thought on “Had An Epiphany Lately?”

  1. On a dark but clear night the stars lit up the sky and i was awestruck and asked God Whats it all about,and where do i fit into the whole thing. If someone asked me do you believe in God i would have said yes i see him as creator even as a young boy scout nature was my greatest wonder. Trees,birds,flowers,insects,fish the stars everything pointed to a brilliant designer. However the desire to find where i fit into this design became a search .Why did He create me and what was my purpose in it all? My moment came one day in the library when i was drawn to a book titled “The things Jesus said and did” As i read His words i thought who talks like this ? It was like His words went right into me and filled a empty spot and i finally understood I was created by Him and for Him. This was the beginning of my understanding of my great need of salvation and the tremendous cost to redeem my sinful soul. I truly believe if we are really trying to find Gods truth with are whole heart He will draw us to The Way ( The truth) The life Jesus Christ.


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