WHAT DO YOU THINK: Can God Create A Rock So Heavy Even He Can’t Lift It?

If the answer to the question in the headline above is “no,” then there is something God cannot do, which means He isn’t omnipotent and the biblical claim that “all things are possible” with Him is false.

But, as cross-examined.org’s Dr. Frank Turek explains in the following video in response to a student’s question, there is a logical fallacy lurking within that headlined question:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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3 thoughts on “WHAT DO YOU THINK: Can God Create A Rock So Heavy Even He Can’t Lift It?”

  1. No, a rock does not have to be finite. Nothing in its definition states that.
    However, an infinite rock filling the entire infinity of space….destroys the concept of “lift”. “Lift” requires motion, and an infinite rock cannot be moved; it cannot be “lifted”.
    (The question is really just a word play, and deserves nothing more than a word-play response.)


    1. Two points, ss396: First, it’s a word-play with a purpose. Like asking the question “What time is purple?” Hey, there’s a book by that name that you can get for free. I heartily recommend it. Second, I wanted a 66 SS396 so bad when I was a kid. The 67 was nice, too, but it got too heavy in 68. By the time the smog controls took over, the SS454 was a boat.


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