Why Are All My Friends Becoming Marxists (Most Don’t Realize That’s What They’re Doing)?

Jon Harris is the author/thinker/critic behind “Conversations That Matter” on Patreon and elsewhere on the Internet. He is a born-again Christian of the Reformed persuasion and a traditional American conservative.

Three steps to Critical Theory’s “salvation.”

But don’t let that description put you off because Harris is also a very perceptive, observant and articulate critic of all sides of contemporary culture and politics in America. His discussion of the origins and significance of Critical (especially Race) Theory and Intersectionality is trenchant and thought-provoking.

I say this because he prefaces his discussion with an observation that is not original in terms of the substance, but he puts it in a context that ought to drive home to all thinking persons, regardless of their religious or political positions, the profound seriousness of what is happening all around us these days:

“This is not something that happened because of logical arguments, primary sources, exegesis, historiography, hermeneutics, rational comprehension, discussion, debate, none of those things factor into this.

“This is emotional, and you need to understand that from the beginning, which is why, if you are going to fight this, I suggest face-to-face interaction is the best thing rather than just jumping on someone’s thread, which you are perfectly fine to do, but you’re going to get farther if there is a human interaction.

“We are a world now of optics and fashion, not logic and reason. We just need to accept this, truth is not found through logic and reason, it is found through optics and fashion. That’s how people think. Welcome to post-modernism.”

And being emotional, Critical Theory and Intersectionality — being “woke” — functions like a religion, or, for those who claim to be Christians, a false gospel. Understand this and everything else follows as logically …, excuse me, emotionally as darkness precedes dawn. I would only add that “optics and fashion” can also be expressed in the context of journalism and political apologetics as “narrative.”

WARNING: This video is an hour and 24 minutes  in length, but starting at the 8:40 mark Harris describes in detail how Critical Theory and Intersectionality function as a new religion:



Author: Mark Tapscott

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