Life’s Origin: Lab + Information = Mind

No, that headline isn’t some sort of mysterious lost formula gifted to Earthlings eons ago by incredibly advanced interplanetary visitors, it expresses the complex, sequenced information required for life’s function and origin.

It’s also at the heart of the fascinating conversation that results when two guys who happen to both highly accomplished scientists and disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ get together to talk shop. Who better to discuss the relationship of faith and science?

The video is a bit long, but, trust me, it’s more than worth the hour and 13 minutes you will spend listening, reacting to, and thinking about “the fine-tuning about life itself.”


Author: Mark Tapscott

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2 thoughts on “Life’s Origin: Lab + Information = Mind”

  1. I look forward to listening to this discussion–thanks for the recommendation–but would rather not have to watch it as a video. Dr. Tour calls this offering (and others on his channel) a Podcast but there doesn’t seem to be a way to access it AS a podcast. Just throwing it out there in case anyone knows of a way to hear this as a download from my phone (besides signing up for a paid YouTube membership).


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