MARRIAGE AND FAMILY: Polyamory, The Next Step Down The Slippery Slope

Hundreds of congressional staffers are in positions of influence regarding family and social policy in the U.S., so developments like the growing acceptance of polyamory in elite media like the New York Times should be of interest.

Glenn Stanton (Photo courtesy of Focus on the Family).

Not sure what polyamory is? What it’s not is polygamy  — one husband, many wives — nor is it polyandry — one wife, many husbands.

What polyamory is is pretty much what any group of two or more sexually involved individuals say it is.

Two guys and four girls? Hey, no problem. Four guys and three girls, with two young children of unknown fathers? That’s also polyamory. And, as Focus on the Family’s Glenn Stanton makes clear today at The Federalist, the Times see no problem with it, either.

That’s too bad because somebody at America’s former newspaper of record really ought to do some serious research among secular family scholars and compare what they say is best for the kids with what two recent Times polyamory puff pieces claim.

“The traditional family of a husband and wife raising their own biological or adoptive children with the encircling help and support of extended family is not the norm because of a lack of other creative options,” Stanton summarizes a key point such research would find.

“It exists, and endures, because no society has ever found a better family form for raising its essential next generation of healthy, happy, well-educated, hard-working, and law-abiding citizens. And it certainly hasn’t been for want of trying. History is replete with its tries and failures,” he continues.

If you have a role in congressional deliberations about family and societal structures, and if you care about basing such policies on the best available research, this analysis by Stanton is a must-read. 


Author: Mark Tapscott

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