One Incredibly Important (Though Often Overlooked) Reason Why The Case For God Matters

Does it really matter whether God exists? There are so many things that demand immediate attention, like your job on the Hill, the next job you want on the Hill, your personal relationships, your present bank balance, your future credit rating, where you’re going Thursday night, why does he/she do that …

J. Warner Wallace, Cold-Case Christianity.

We all do that, put the things of daily life on top of our priorities list. The God question gets shuffled to the back of the mind, if even there. But what happens when trouble comes along? Why does it so often matter then, but not before?

J. Warner Wallace, the NBC “Dateline” cold-case detective and author of “God’s Crime Scene” and “Cold-Case Christianity,” offers a wholly unexpected explanation for why it matters a great deal all the time:


Author: Mark Tapscott

Follower of Christ, devoted husband of Claudia, doting father and grandfather, conservative lover of liberty, journalist and First Amendment fanatic, former Hill and Reagan aide, vintage Formula Ford racer, Okie by birth/Texan by blood/proud of both, resident of Maryland. Go here:

18 thoughts on “One Incredibly Important (Though Often Overlooked) Reason Why The Case For God Matters”

  1. I have asked the manufacturer, many times, what the purpose of the widget is. I have received no answer from the top. I have received innumerable unbelievable claims from His many and varied sales reps, who stand to make a 10% commission. 😛


    1. Manufacturer: Please read the manual before inquiring. Remember…all claims are unbelievable when you don’t believe them. Most of our sales reps work for free while some do make a 10% “commission” to cover overhead costs…but since you didn’t spend a dime on anything, this is of no concern to you. As the manufacturer, so far you’ve only inquired many times and harassed the sales reps. Problems in many areas cannot be addressed if you refuse to take the necessary steps already directed by the manufacturer. Basically….it’s your fault. When you’re ready to put into action the things already directed by the sales reps….we can move forward with your request. Thank you and have a nice day!

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      1. With the best of intentions, you just don’t see the problem. I have read the manual – intently, repeatedly, over many years. I understand the sales reps’ confusion. Compared to it, Ikea’s is a paragon of clarity. I have never harassed the reps, although they often harass me. You, and the reps, would like to believe, and have others believe, that all the claims are identical.
        I would love to take the necessary steps. It’s just that it is quickly clear that competing reps’ claims are contradictory, and mutually exclusive. Even when they agree, the promised quality and delivery of the final product violates observed reality, and arrives at the exact frequency as blind chance. The Nigerian Prince can do that well. How then can I, or anyone, know which claims and conditions are true, that we may follow them??
        I know that I am only a potential customer, but I dare to suggest that you cut back the budget of the Promotional Department, stop offering a free, magical prize in every glitzy package, and, instead, have Production grind out solid, reliable product.


      2. I envy your writing skills and ability to analogize so impressively. But I can only point out that our “product” came to die in order to make it possible for all of our customers who choose to accept it to enjoy an (eternal) lifetime warranty. He then left an empty grave behind. If you have a proposed explanation for how that happened that makes sense of more of the evidence than does His explanation, then please submit it. Best regards, A Rep.


      3. No, your complete prospect for enjoying our product depends entirely upon how you respond to this specific question. We certainly hope that you will take full advantage of our product but whether or not you do depends upon your response on this question. Best regards.


      4. Did I miss something?? Which specific unspecified question would that be?? Is Jesus Divine? Is Jesus the Son of God? Is Jesus God? Is God one part – or three – or more? And we haven’t even got to the ‘Did He exist? Did He perform miracles? and Do we have to dab Evian on our foreheads, and stick our left knee out when we go to visit him?’ The only question seems to be whether or not I will accept your specific delusion.
        Even the architects of the Tower of Babel put down a solid foundation before they started building toward God. You could at least do the same. 😯


      5. Archon’s Den, as was clearly and specifically stated previously: Our product “left an empty grave behind. If you have a proposed explanation for how that happened that makes sense of more of the evidence than His explanation, then please submit it.”

        Or, to capture it even more succinctly, why was His grave empty three days after His dead body was laid in it (wrapped in heavy and specially prepared grave clothes), a huge rock was employed to close the tomb, and a Roman seal was affixed to it (indicating death to any who would break it)? Let us resolve this issue and all of your other concerns will be allayed.


      6. Which of the two contradictory tales of resurrection do you believe, that you wish me to discuss and rebut – the one where the tomb is open and empty when the Apostles arrive – or the one where they have to have the stone rolled away, and only then do they find a handsome young man, locked inside, who tells them that what they seek is gone?? I don’t believe either of them, because ‘He’ did not write them!
        They were written by and for, fallible, gullible, desperately deluded men. They were not written by eyewitnesses! They were not even written by someone who spoke to eyewitnesses. The earliest of them was penned 30 years after the supposed action. The latest of the Gospels was written almost 100 years after.
        The Gospel of John even begins with the author admitting that he was only passing on things that he had heard other people claim. The four Gospels are merely examples of a long game of Telephone,’ carried on by a bunch of Iron-Age camel-chasers.
        I find human failure, and a desperate desire to feel special, to be far more likely and believable, even today, than Divine inspiration. 😯


      7. Well then, have it your way, as you have concluded that you are far and away smarter than the “fallible, gullible, desperately deluded men” and women who have studied these issues and reached different conclusions.


      8. So, that’s the straw-man that you’re going to hide behind. Oh, you poor beleaguered believer. I never mentioned being smart(er). It is a concept that is impossible to define, impossible to measure, and completely irrelevant to this discussion.
        I personally know one Protestant preacher, and two Catholic priests, who became Atheists,, and gave up their careers. I know of hundreds more of each. There is a list available online. There are scores more who have clandestinely admitted their lack of belief, but continue to half-heartedly ‘do their job.’
        I know a man who was a former evangelical Southern Baptist for 25 years. Both his mother and his father were lay-preachers, as was he during his late teens. He entered the Seminary to find refuting arguments for non-believers. The harder he looked, and the harder he prayed, the more obvious it became that no such justification exists.
        Then there is Bart Ehrman, an author who was raised evangelical, and attended two religious universities. He has studied the New Testament for over 30 years, and has written 30 books about it. He says that, like many Atheists, he would like to believe, but finds only contradictions, and no proof. I am not as smart as any of these. 🙄


      9. Archon, the only straw men I see in our discussion here are the many you have put forth while entirely avoiding directly answeringing my basic question for you: “Our product ‘left an empty grave behind. If you have a proposed explanation for how that happened that makes sense of more of the evidence than His explanation, then please submit it.’”


      10. I have answered that question several times. It is your tunnel-vision presuppositions that prevent you from even seeing it, much less accepting it. I will try to be clearer.
        The Jesus that most Christians believe in, never existed. As a pedantic point, a person named Jesus, at that time and place, would be impossible. The name Jesus is a mispronunciation of a name that Paul dreamed up, when he preached to the Greeks. Neither ancient Hebrew, Aramaic, nor Greek have the J sound. Paul used the term, Ia-Zeus. Jesus = Ia-Zeus = the son of Zeus. Paul LIED to the Greeks to get the narrative to fit.
        There is no extra-Biblical evidence for the existence of Christ. Both the Jews, and the Romans, were almost anal-retentive about keeping records, but there are no civilian accounts from either, of the birth, life, death, or divinity of Jesus.
        There was no census, which took his parents to Bethlehem. There was no order from Herod to kill babies. There may have been an apocalyptic rabbi (or more) roaming around with a band of followers, preaching to the masses. There is no Roman record of his crucifixion. If the Sanhedrin, the Jewish ruling council, wanted him dead, they would have had him stoned.
        The Romans would have ignored him, as a member of a conquered people. Crucifixion was reserved for capital crimes, like sedition. Only if he had declared himself ‘King of the Jews’ and fomented rebellion, would the Romans have punished him so, but there is no such story in the Bible. Even if he did, he would not have been executed between two common thieves.
        There is no historical evidence that he even existed, much less died and was resurrected. These stories were dreamed up and written down later, to justify Paul’s delusions, generations after they didn’t really happen. What we have here is an early version of Jim Jones’, Jonestown – Branch Davidian – or Heaven’s Gate – ’Good Christians’ believing bad fiction.
        You have no ‘Product,’ only hype. Christianity is an advertising campaign for a product that doesn’t exist. 😯


      11. I must set the record straight on your core claim that Jesus never existed:

        Archon’s Den says:

        “There is no extra-Biblical evidence for Jesus … There is no historical evidence that he even existed, much less died and was resurrected.”

        Josephus, the Jewish historian writing in his Antiquities, says:

        “At this time there was a wise man called Jesus, and his conduct was good, and he was known to be virtuous. Many people among the Jews and the other nations became his disciples. Pilate condemned him to be crucified and to die. But those who had become his disciples did not abandon his discipleship. They reported that he had appeared to them three days after his crucifixion and that he was alive. Accordingly, he was perhaps the Messiah, concerning whom the prophets have reported wonders. And the tribe of the Christians, so named after him, has not disappeared to this day.”

        And this is what Professor of Ancient History Paul Maier says of critics’ questions about the two passages where Josephus discusses Jesus:

        “The preponderance of evidence, then, strongly suggests that Josephus did indeed mention Jesus in both passages. He did so in a manner totally congruent with the New Testament portraits of Christ, and his description, from the vantage point of a non-Christian, seems remarkably fair, especially in view of his well-known proclivity to roast false messiahs as wretches who misled the people and brought on war with the Romans.”

        Maier adds:

        These passages, along with other non-biblical, non-Christian references to Jesus in secular first-century sources—among them Tacitus (Annals 15:44), Suetonius (Claudius 25), and Pliny the Younger (Letter to Trajan)—prove conclusively that any denial of Jesus’ historicity is maundering sensationalism by the uninformed and/or the dishonest.


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