Massive Ground-Breaking Data Analysis Identifies Relationship Satisfaction Predictors

How important would it be to you to know that your spouse was as committed to your marriage as you are? A huge new analysis of 43 discrete datasets says that factor may well be the most important predictor of whether the two of you will be happy together.

Screenshot from Institute for Family Studies.

Writing for the Institute for Family Studies, Scott Stanley reports on how scholars Samantha Joel and Paul Eastwick used the datasets and “a procedure called Random Forests that relies on machine learning and massive amounts of computing time to test the strength of each predictor and then build thousands of decision trees (a forest), which reveal how much each of the predictors could explain in relationship satisfaction.”

Without giving away the whole store, I will simply say that your perception of your partner’s commitment is absolutely vital to the future success of your relationship. Go here for Stanley’s superb description of this ground-breaking data analysis.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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