What Does God Say About Race?

Race is front and center in the American mind these days as it has not been for many years. The news media is a cacophony of often clashing opinions about race and its proper significance in our nation’s history.

Pastor Mark Massey, Friendship Baptist Church (Screenshot from youtube.com).

It’s thus easy to find out what men think about race, but what about God? What does God say about race is the question posed in recent weeks by Pastor Mark Massey of Friendship Baptist Church (FBC) in Sykesville, Maryland.

As it happens, Mark started FBC in 1984 and has been its senior pastor ever since. He was born and raised in Arkansas and graduated from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. Mark is also vice president of the board of directors of the 52-Week Ministry Foundation that is the organizational entity behind HillFaith.

Mark’s incisive and straightforward analysis is based entirely on Scripture because it is in the Word of God that we learn the heart of God, especially on questions about His highest creation, men and women.

There is a stereotypical portrait in some quarters of American society that presents Southern Baptists and race in a manner that, frankly, long ago became obsolete. Mark’s sermons on this issue should make clear just how obsolete that stereotype truly is.

His presentation was divided into two consecutive Sunday sermons, both about 27 minutes in length. I commend these presentations to everyone who would know what God thinks about race:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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