Is Earth Just A Pale Blue Dot In A Hostile Universe?

Look back at Earth from the furthest distance you can imagine in our solar system and it does indeed look like a pale blue dot in the vast blackness of the universe.

So why on this one pale blue dot among the billions and billions of galaxies and stars and planets is there human life? Former Los Angeles Police cold-case expert J. Warner Wallace explains:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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2 thoughts on “Is Earth Just A Pale Blue Dot In A Hostile Universe?”

  1. Hugh Ross is wonderful on this. I didn’t know that Earth is the product of the collision of two planets that gave us the mixture of elements we needed and formed the moon at the same time.

    God went through a lot of trouble to create creatures who could participate with him in consciousness. But, although the light comes into the world we love the darkness.

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