Some Critical Thinking On Critical Theory And How Some Christians Are Responding To It

Natasha Crain earned her MBA in statistics from UCLA, so she knows how to read the numbers. But she is also pretty good at sorting out the meanings behind and beyond words and phrases, too.

Author Natasha Crain.

“Critical Theory” is being heard regularly these days. It’s been a commonplace on American campuses for several decades, but it has exploded into the public consciousness in recent weeks as more than a few voices among and defending rioters have cited arguments derived from the phrase.

Crain fears that many evangelical leaders are being taken in by claims and analyses based on Critical Theory, and in the process they are unwarily buying into concepts and actions that have no place in Christianity. Here is part of her thinking on Critical Theory:

“Critical Theory is the ideology that underlies many of the popular responses to racial injustice that we’re seeing today, and it’s a secular view that is unfortunately spilling into the church in shocking degrees.

“This ideology views reality through the lens of power, dividing people into oppressed groups and oppressor groups along lines like race, class, gender, sexuality orientation, physical ability and age. Truth becomes relative based on your status in one of these groups.

“If you’re unfamiliar with the term Critical Theory, you’ll be blown away when you learn about it and see how it explains so much of what you see happening today.”

Crain sees five ways Christians are being swept into a secular worldview that they clearly don’t understand and that in many respects is in utter conflict with Biblical principles. I strongly recommend reading this essay, regardless of your faith, or lack thereof.

Author: Mark Tapscott

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