When The Straw Man Shows Up, It’s Time To Bale Out Of The Discussion

We humans just love our straw men, don’t we? It’s so much easier to tear apart our distorted and inaccurate version of what somebody who disagrees with us thinks than to deal with the actual substance of their opinion.

Stand To Reason’s Tim Barnett points to this quote from atheist philosopher Peter Boghossian as an example of a straw man argument: “Definition of Faith: Pretending to know things you don’t know.”

Hoo boy, there is so much straw in that claim you could bale it and feed a herd of horses with it! If you doubt that, just watch the following video. It just might inspire you to wade into the next debate with your village atheist and, uh, make hay with his or her arguments!


Author: Mark Tapscott

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