America In The Aftermath Of The George Floyd Crisis: U.S. Choosing Between Paganism, Christianity

Does what we believe about God make any real difference in how we govern ourselves in America? You bet it does and nowhere has this been more vividly illustrated than the aftermath of the tragic May 25 murder of George Floyd.

This stark truth is profoundly well explained by Georgetown University Government Professor Joshua Mitchell in a recent post for Providence Magazine.

Regular readers know how religiously I avoid partisanship here on HillFaith. Jesus is neither Democrat nor Republican, liberal or conservative. He is the Lord of Lords, the God-man who died to make salvation available for all who believe in Him.

But it is also true that politics is downstream from culture and culture is downstream from faith. What we each believe about God and man makes a huge difference in how we understand legitimacy in government, the administration of justice, individual accountability and personal freedom.

For that reason, I commend this superb essay to your consideration:

America in the Aftermath of George Floyd: Between Paganism and Christianity

Author: Mark Tapscott

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