13 Reasons Mike Shreve No Longer Believes In Hinduism’s Karma Or Reincarnation

Mike Shreve followed a guru before his life was transformed and he became a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Mike had for many years before believed in Karma and Reincarnation, two of the cornerstone myths of Hinduism.

Mike Shreve, founder of the True Light Project.

“Most teachers of the doctrine of karma agree that any negative or positive thing we do in life produces either bad or good karma that will inevitably be reaped, either in the same life or a future life. The object of the soul’s sojourn in this world is to walk in such righteousness, love and devotion to right religious principles that only good karma is sown,” Shreve writes.

That basic idea — that we each have to work our way to salvation by doing good works — is not unique to Hinduism, it’s found in numerous forms throughout the world’s religions. You do enough good works, then God is obligated to save you.

That’s why Christianity is unlike the world’s religions. Jesus did all that was needed to make salvation possible for all who believe He was crucified, buried and resurrected on the third day and now sits on the right hand of God the Father and working with the Holy Spirit to bring about His will for each of our lives.

Now, back to Shreve, who explains that:

“I passionately embraced this concept when I was teaching yoga at four universities in 1970 and running a Kundalini Yoga ashram. I was so convinced of this recurring, cyclical pattern of existence that I considered it irrefutable truth. I even told the follower of Jesus who first shared the Gospel with me that I was willing to give up many other ideas, but not reincarnation and karma.”

But then Shreve found Jesus and realized his former beliefs were utterly illogical, in at least 13 ways. Here’s just one of the 13:

“(1) If suffering, evil, and imperfection in any individual are a result of negative karma reaped from a former life, then how do suffering, evil, and imperfection make their appearance in a soul’s first ‘incarnation’?

“Since every human being goes through suffering in this world, and every person is subject to evil and imperfection, there is no person free from this evidence of previous guiltiness. Therefore, there is no proof that anyone has been born for the first time with a ‘clean slate.’”

Hmmm, think about that. Then go here for the rest of Mike Shreve’s 13 reasons he rejected Karma and Reincarnation. 

Author: Mark Tapscott

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