FDA Approved Chloroquine In Coronavirus Treatment; The Anti-Malarial Drug Is Also Key To Intelligent Design

When the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved on an expedited basis the use of the Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine anti-malarial drugs in the treatment of coronavirus, it’s doubtful any of the officials involved or the mainstream media journalists reporting the decision realized they were also focusing attention on a key to the case for Intelligent Design (ID) of the universe.

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

But one journalist, David Klinghoffer, editor of Evolution News (EN), immediately recognized there was more to the story than a potential advance in the war against coronavirus.

“Yes, chloroquine-resistant malarial parasites figure prominently in biochemist and ID proponent Michael Behe’s argument for sharp limits to what unguided Darwinian processes can do. He details that case in his book The Edge of Evolution,” Klinghoffer reports.

Behe discusses with “ID The Future” host Andrew McDiarmid the mutation ceiling with the anti-malarial drugs and the significance of that ceiling possibly being beyond the edge of evolution. You can listen to the entire podcast here.


HARD FACTS: Maybe Jesus Didn’t Really Die On The Cross, He Just Revived After They Buried Him?

Among the most common objections to Christianity is the rejection of the disciples’ claim that they saw and talked to the resurrected Jesus three days after his crucifixion on the cross and burial in a grave carved out of stone. He didn’t actually die on the cross, the critics claim.

This objection is one of the several ways, for example, that Islam rejects the resurrected Jesus Christ as proof of His claim to be both God and man. Similarly, atheists came up with the claim that Jesus could not have been resurrected from the dead because He didn’t die on the cross. He was buried, then revived in the cool grave, escaped and walked all the way to India or maybe Japan where he married, had kids, and died. (No, I’m not making this up, you can Google it!)

Palm Sunday is right around the corner, so odds are good this objection will be heard in coming days in the mainstream media, in online college classes and in the popular culture. But NBC “Dateline” Cold-Case Detective J. Warner Wallace explains in the following video why people who claim Jesus didn’t die on the cross have no idea what they are talking about:

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