There Are Eight Kinds Of Digital Churchgoers. Which One Are You?

Bet you didn’t know there are eight distinct kinds of churchgoers during this digital interregnum between the Camelot of President Donald Trump’s “Greatest Economy Ever, That I Can Tell You” and the official end of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Mollie and husband Mark Hemingway, with their two wonderful daughters on the set of “Media Buzz.” (Screen shot from Facebook).

Mollie Hemingway, senior editor of The Federalist and frequent wise counselor on Fox News, breaks out these eight gems and compares them to their analogous attenders from the pre-Pandemic era when we got to see and hug and praise in person.

Can you guess which one of the eight Mollie is describing with this graph?

“Somehow, virtual church has changed none of this dynamic. You’re still running around getting ready and the family isn’t seated until the end of the opening hymn. Several members are fighting as they leap over the sofa to grab a final seat.” Go here for the answer, and the rest of a great way of viewing the present, Lord-please-let-it-be-temporary state of things.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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