Where Is God In This Coronavirus Pandemic Anyway?

John Lennox, Oxford University Professor Emeritus in Mathematics and the Philosophy of Science.

John Lennox is an Oxford mathematician and philosopher of science, which makes him one of the smartest dudes any of us is ever likely to meet. He’s also a Christian and one of the most personable Irishmen in the entire world. (If you’ve ever known any Irishmen, you know how remarkable that is!)

That makes Lennox’s response to the question in the headline above worthy of serious attention. “To think this is just an intellectual problem that we can solve is a serious mistake,” he says in the following interview with Unbelievable? Radio’s Justin Brierly in the UK.

The interview is slightly more than 30 minutes in length, which is a good bit more than typically is featured here on HillFaith. But it’s John Lennox and its about coronavirus and that, IMHO, makes it well-worth our time:


Author: Mark Tapscott

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