New Academic Survey Of Top Scholarship Declares The Quest For ‘Historical Jesus’ Failed

If you attended college at any time in the past several decades, odds are you were taught some variation of the claim the Jesus of the Bible cannot be documented in history, so the book is really nothing more than a collection of myths, fables and exaggerations  written long  after  His  death.

But then this past October along came “Jesus, Skepticism and the Problem of History: Criteria and Context in the Study of Christian Origins,” co-edited by Darrell Bock and Ed Komoszewski. Biola University Apologetics Professor Sean McDowell, writing on, said in a crisp review of the book:

“The editors list a range of facts about Jesus that are affirmed by virtually all historical scholars, including his birth about 6 to 4 BCE, teachings about the kingdom of God, reputation as a miracle-worker, his baptism by John the Baptist, and so on.

“Quite remarkably, they conclude, ‘there is not a single well-evidenced historical fact about Jesus that undermines the orthodox view of Jesus. Nearly two and a half centuries of assiduous study, research, and discovery by archaeologists, historians, textual critics, and other scholars searching for an alternate Jesus have failed to turn up a scrap of evidence that contravenes what Christians have traditionally said about him.”

You might want to read that again if you are among those who still dismiss as myth the Resurrection of Jesus, raising the dead, healing the blind, turning water into wine, being the only way to Heaven, and all the rest of the Gospel accounts.

You will profit from reading the rest of McDowell’s assessment, too, including his comments on the chapter of the book that explains why it’s entirely reasonable to conclude there were at least 1,000 or so eyewitnesses to Jesus’ life living 60 years after His death and resurrection.


Author: Mark Tapscott

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